KiSoft and SAP® EWM by KNAPP: The Endless Puzzle Effect

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Everyone knows them, some really love them, and some just don’t have the patience. Puzzles. Today, we’re taking a closer look at something special: Endless puzzles. All the pieces of an endless puzzle have the same shape and can be combined in an infinite number of ways to form any shape. And how does this relate to logistics? Well, the same can be said about our software solutions KiSoft and SAP® EWM by KNAPP. Like the endless puzzle, our software “pieces” can not only be combined to create an (almost) infinite number of stand-alone variations; the two systems can also be combined with each other. Find out more in our blog about the puzzle pieces that make up our logistics software sets. Feeling puzzled? Just keep reading!

KiSoft and SAP® EWM by KNAPP: Piece by piece to a great warehouse management system

KiSoft and SAP® EWM by KNAPP are both big names on their own in the world of logistics software as warehouse management and warehouse control systems. Both share similarities with an endless puzzle. SAP® EWM puzzle pieces are modular and fine-grained. KiSoft puzzle pieces, when assembled, form a wonderfully robust, high-quality system, like a beautiful, high-end puzzle. The big advantage that both systems share with an endless puzzle is that there is no edge – that is to say, all the pieces can be combined with each other and expanded when desired. So get out your puzzle board and let’s get started designing the picture that you want for your system, one with incredible potential!

Assemble your puzzle for a robust warehouse management system: KiSoft

Do you know how it is when the last puzzle piece is put in place? How it feels when the picture is finished, all the rows are aligned, and the wiggly frame of edge pieces is complete? When the many individual puzzle pieces are fitted in place, the overall structure becomes sturdy and stable. Well, the same goes for KiSoft: The software integrates all the processes on all levels, creating reliable stability across your entire warehouse.

KiSoft doesn’t just take care of vertical integration; it also integrates machine control with warehouse control and warehouse management. Furthermore, KiSoft covers horizontal integration across the entire value chain, from production and distribution to POS and even to the end customer.

At the same time, thanks to the characteristics that the software shares with an endless puzzle, the defined interfaces all fit together in a wonderfully flexible way. Whether you want to add service and maintenance applications or analytics applications to your system, you get the solution that fits your system and its processes with the KiSoft portfolio.

KiSoft Suite: The universal puzzle piece

Along with the stable KiSoft core, the many different applications offer a great deal of flexibility. Applications that fit well can be added at a later time, whenever you need them. You can design your software and process landscape exactly as needed using the puzzle pieces that suit your requirements. Let’s take a look at the many different puzzle pieces found in the manifold world of KiSoft:

Curated article master data using KiSoft Genomix
High-quality item master data is the key to effective automation solutions. It is still very common to collect data manually, a process that takes time, entails high cost and is prone to human error. Thanks to the automated master data collection provided by KiSoft Genomix, all the required item master data is completely recorded within a few seconds.
Recognize trends early on with KiSoft Analytics
This smart data analysis tool gives users a clear overview of the complex processes in the system as well as in the overall supply chain. KiSoft Analytics provides the solid information you need to make decisions that affect both the system and the supply chain. It provides you with an overview of your system around the clock, allowing you to react appropriately and stay on top of changes and trends.
Intelligent system maintenance thanks to KiSoft CMMS
For logistics systems, high availability is a must, because every standstill costs you money. The key to data-driven decisions regarding maintenance lies in KiSoft CMMS, short for Computerized Maintenance Management System. KiSoft CMMS structures processes and makes maintenance management more efficient. Tasks are prioritized based on operational requirements to ensure the logistics system is working at its best.
redPILOT Operational Excellence Solution as your resource planning tool
The redPILOT Operational Excellence Solution makes sure that your logistics system is running at its best during every hour of operation. All resources such as personnel or machinery are optimized while taking into account the constantly changing condi-tions in a logistics operation. When it comes to making decisions in operative ware-house management, redPILOT provides suggestions for the best alternative actions throughout the day.

Assemble your puzzle for a richly detailed warehouse management system: SAP® EWM by KNAPP

The picturesque beauty of a puzzle is only apparent when all the little pieces are snapped into place. That’s just how it is with SAP® EWM by KNAPP. The motif of the final software can vary, but is only truly appreciated when all the functions work seamlessly together. That is when the elegance of SAP® EWM by KNAPP becomes apparent in its thoroughgoing efficiency and optimization of your warehouse management.

Whether you select the on-premise or cloud variant, SAP® EWM is a comprehensive integrated SAP® end-to-end solution which covers all the functions of a warehouse management system (WMS) and a warehouse control system (WCS). Individual functions can be combined, added and adapted just like the pieces of an endless puzzle. The final result is an efficient, customized warehouse management that meets your respective needs and individual requirements.

This finished puzzle might include, for example, the WCS layer SAP® EWM MFS (material flow system), which is a standard module that allows material flow control in automated warehouses. Since it communicates directly with the control system (PLC), there is no need for middleware, reducing interfaces and resulting in overall greater process stability. What’s more, the logistics processes are all mapped in an end-to-end SAP® system landscape.

With complete access to the source code, SAP® EWM additionally offers complete transparency and security. This opens up a multitude of possibilities. If you want to make customizations yourself because your business processes have changed or are new, you can, including changes to layout and process control.

SAP® EWM by KNAPP: Puzzle sets for your system landscape

SAP® EWM by KNAPP is a hit not only because of its modularity and level of detail, but also because of its flexibility. You get a wealth of various puzzle motifs for designing your end-to-end SAP® system landscape.

Classic puzzles: The foundation of every SAP® system landscape
Just like the finely detailed classic puzzle that is rich in diverse themes and motifs, SAP® EWM incl. MFS by KNAPP offers a precision WMS and WCS solution. This solution integrates technologies by KNAPP and other suppliers seamlessly into greenfield or WMS/WCS retrofit projects, creating an end-to-end system landscape.
3D puzzles: SAP® EWM templates for the rollout
3D puzzles are used to build three-dimensional models of buildings, sculptures or even landscapes. In a similar way, an SAP® EWM template creates a sophisticated and functional basis for mapping a system landscape comprising several warehouse locations. Whether with or without SAP® EWM MFS, it facilitates the efficient rollout of the software solution to several sites, supporting both greenfield and WMS/WCS retrofit projects.
Floor puzzles: Multi-player approach for SAP® EWM solutions
Puzzles for the floor have much bigger pieces, which makes them well suited to group play. In a similar fashion, the puzzle pieces in a SAP® EWM solution might come from several suppliers. SAP® EWM MFS by KNAPP, for example, can be in integrated as a WCS solution in existing SAP® EWM systems, even if it was originally implemented as a warehouse management system by a different supplier.
Puzzles with special effects: Creativity meets SAP® EWM
Our KNAPP SAP® EWM Building Blocks may not glow in the dark like other puzzles, but nevertheless can inject great special effects into your SAP® EWM system. Our experiences and the requirements of our customers mean that you can integrate KNAPP technologies and implement sector-specific processes into new or existing SAP® EWM systems.

More puzzle fun than you ever dreamed of: KiSoft and SAP® EWM by KNAPP playing together

Despite the differences in shape and size, our puzzle sets with SAP® EWM by KNAPP and KiSoft fit together perfectly. In the dynamic world of logistics, this type of best-of-breed approach helps to create an adaptable IT system landscape.

In our special software puzzle, there are many special ways to combine the puzzle pieces from the robust software KiSoft with the detail-rich SAP® EWM by KNAPP. All you need is a starter set of SAP® EWM as a warehouse management system combined with either SAP® EWM MFS or KiSoft as the warehouse control system.

  • SAP® EWM and KiSoft Genomix
  • SAP® EWM and KiSoft Analytics
  • SAP® EWM and redPILOT Operational Excellence Solution
KiSoft and SAP® EWM by KNAPP puzzle sets for your warehouse management
Whether you want end-to-end KiSoft, SAP® EWM by KNAPP or a system landscape from both software puzzle sets, our software portfolio can be com-bined any way you want it.

What does your puzzle set for warehouse management software look like?

We are curious. Which puzzle set from our range of logistics software is a fit for you? Get in touch with us. We’d be happy to set up a meeting to talk about your specific logistical challenges in depth. Together, we can find out how KiSoft and SAP® EWM by KNAPP can be used to best support you.