KiSoft Genomix: The Self-learning Solution for Managing Master Data for Automation Technology

Decoding item DNA

To function efficiently, automation solutions need perfectly maintained master data. This is the only way automated items can be handled efficiently and without errors.

Today, retailers and manufacturers only provide little information about their products. Any further attributes are usually recorded manually, entailing high costs and great effort. Subjective assessments complicate the situation further. Overall, there is no all-encompassing process for collecting, processing and distributing the relevant attributes in the right quality – there hasn’t been, until now.

There is a system that can do all this, automatically collect, distribute and maintain article master data. We proudly present: KiSoft Genomix.

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Efficient automation thanks to high-quality master data

Our new, self-learning software solution digitizes all relevant attributes. You could even say that KiSoft Genomix decodes the DNA of items, from their weight, dimensions and packaging type, to their contents, center of gravity, tilting behavior and much more. Thanks to this information, automation technologies such as the robots know exactly how to handle and process the items. What’s more, KiSoft Genomix adapts to the degree of automation in the warehouse. The software knows exactly which parameters the technology needs to run like clockwork. The end-to-end solution provides all the required attributes for the entire supply chain, thereby optimizing all processes and boosting system efficiency and performance. There is no comparable solution on the market yet, so we have claimed a patent on KiSoft Genomix.

Do you also want to make your automation more efficient with KiSoft Genomix?

Die Fragestellungen und die intuitive Benutzerführung schließen Subjektivität aus. Dadurch steigert KiSoft Genomix die Effizienz der Automatsierungslösung.

Optimal master data quality for every automation solution

KiSoft Genomix is an intelligent and modular all-in-one software package. It allows transparent data acquisition and can be optimally adapted to any customer requirement. Our end-to-end software covers all processes, uses targeted questions and guides users intuitively to exclude human error during the recording of attributes. The automation data is available in high quality, as the software automatically collects the information in digital form and conducts additional checks. Thanks to self-learning algorithms, KiSoft Genomix continuously improves the process.

Intelligent interplay for optimal precision

During the goods-in procedure, MultiScan captures the dimensions, volume and weight of the items within seconds. This process is supported by the intuitive KiSoft Genomix app, which helps the warehouse worker easily record all relevant attributes using a simple set of questions. The software registers all the item hierarchies: from the single piece to pack unit to logistical unit. As a result, all relevant attributes that are important for automated handling are available.

The correct item size, volume and weight are important for efficient warehouse management. The fully automatic KHT MultiScan is designed for this purpose and supports optimal logistics planning and management.
The image shows the ivii iriis vision system carrying out a comparison of the items arriving on the conveyor system.

Maximum quality through vision technology

Our modern vision system, ivii iriis, is also an important part of the whole solution and carries out a quality check. It determines whether the master data recorded in the system matches the actual data of the item. All data is digitized and made available on a server for use in subsequent processes. The data can be used as basis for all calculations. The system identifies each item and the automated installations independently adapt their handling according to the item, optimizing the entire process chain.

Advantages of KiSoft Genomix

Flexibility &
⬥ Recording master data without experts (<30sec.)
⬥ Configurable for every type of warehouse
⬥ Transparent data collection
High quality
of item attributes
⬥ Self-learning software
⬥ Records, manages and verifies data
⬥ Reduces handling damage
⬥ Reduces transport costs
Single source
of information
⬥ Data transfer to the entire network
⬥ Works with every software
⬥ Closes suppliers and retailers

KiSoft Genomix ensures efficient operation at SPAR

The successful food retailer SPAR have opted for innovation in the area of software. As a pilot customer, SPAR Ebergassing has been on board in the development of KiSoft Genomix since the beginning. The goal of our long-standing partner was to exclude subjective assessments in automation data recording using the software solution. Before SPAR used KiSoft Genomix, recording master data was rather laborious.

Now, an item is simply put on MultiScan and KiSoft Genomix takes care of the rest. We save approximately 90 % of the work that used to go into master data maintenance.

Portrait von Patrick Hörmann, SPAR Logistikzentrum Ebergassing, Leiter LAgerwesen und Warenfluss
Patrick Hörmann
Warehousing & Goods Flow Manager, SPAR

KiSoft Genomix’s scope of application

Across all sectors
Whether retail or food retail
Independent application
Of the solutions provider and the implemented software
Across all sales channels
For omnichannel, e-commerce and store delivery
Data available across warehouses
Central administration by a server

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