Intelligent Software Solutions for Your Logistics

Digitalization of value chains

Short delivery times, booming e-commerce and cost pressure are challenging companies around the globe. Having the right software is therefore essential. As a central component of the value chain, software is involved in every aspect, intelligently linking people, processes and automation technologies. What you get is transparency and performance at an incredibly high level for true success in our new digital world. KiSoft, our logistics software suite, is the central intelligence that brings it all together. In the warehouse and beyond its walls, KiSoft provides tailor-made software solutions for all your business processes. KiSoft not only covers the vertical integration, such as machine control, warehouse control and warehouse management. It also makes horizontal integration possible along the entire value chain, all the way to the point of sale or end customer, supported by analytics and transport management.


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Future-proof your logistics with KNAPP software

KiSoft on the job at EDEKA NORDfrische

In EDEKA’s NORDfrische Center in Northern Germany, meat and meat products are packed for delivery to 650 EDEKA stores. EDEKA stores can order from a wide range consisting of 2,500 different kinds of meat products, cold cuts and sausages. Supported by cutting-edge technology, the distribution center delivers fresh goods to EDEKA stores three to six times a week. The software running in the background serves as the master mind, ensuring that the different components and processes mesh harmoniously with each other. In the distribution center, the tailored software solution KiSoft efficiently controls the goods flow, making sure that the shelves in EDEKA stores are always full of fresh goods.

In retail, certain items from specific ranges need to be transported separately from the rest. KiSoft ensures that no mixing happens during picking.

Matthias Biermann von EDEKA Nordfrische setzt auf KiSoft von KNAPP
Matthias Biermann
Manager, Meat Production, EDEKA Nord

KiSoft advantages at a glance


  • Tailored to your requirements and logistics processes
  • Years of experience, more than 1,500 KiSoft experts
  • All-in-one logistics software suite


  • All from a single source: from WMS to analysis to machine control
  • Rapid customization thanks to modular system architecture
  • Expandable: KiSoft grows with your company
  • Independent of and compatible with all logistics systems

Secure investment

  • Software is continuously developed
  • Manual or fully automatic roll-out
  • Product lifecycle support including retrofits
KiSoft unterstützt beim Warehouse Management

Warehouse process optimization

For warehouse management (WMS), KiSoft plans, monitors and optimizes all the processes in the warehouse from receiving to shipping and everything in between. The software works with automation technology from any manufacturer, and in many different sectors. It is great for company-wide rollouts, for example, brilliantly integrating both manual and automated warehouse locations.

Easy control of the goods flow

As a warehouse control system (WCS), KiSoft controls and coordinates the flow of goods in automated areas in real time. The software also controls and monitors processes and handles the integration of subsystems. Additionally, KiSoft serves as a solution for retrofitting warehouses with existing automation technology.

Logistics warehouse worker using a tablet with supply chain software; logistics company;

Reach maximum performance

Ensure the maximum end-to-end performance of your system including machine control with KiSoft. For example, the machine control system makes sure that the conveyor system, shuttle systems and picking robots are finely attuned to each other. A visual overview for KiSoft users is provided through SCADA as well as the CMMS maintenance management tool.

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Data-driven decision-making

KiSoft Analytics is much more than a logistics Business Intelligence tool. The smart software for data analysis creates a clear overview of complex processes from individual locations and their interconnections. Regardless of whether it is at the Internet of Things level or for the supply chain, based on data trends and prognoses are derived. Clearly designed standard dashboards including the intuitive self-service tool ensure that the right information is always in view. You have the data base to make the right decisions, both tactical and strategic. KiSoft Analytics is a Software as a Service solution that can be implemented in any system environment, regardless of the equipment and software.

If you’re serious about running your e-commerce business, you need data. KiSoft Analytics supplies us with all the important data at a glance. With a smart foundation of data, we can handle the demands on Black Friday, and any other challenges that e-commerce will bring in the future.

Oliver Kraftsik setzt bei ASOS KiSoft von KNAPP ein
Oliver Kraftsik
Supply Chain Director, Europa ASOS

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Add-ons complete the KNAPP software

KiSoft offers practical add-ons to cover the various needs of different sectors. For example, KiSoft Pack Master takes the customer-specific requirements into account, calculating the ideal packing pattern when assembling an order for delivery to a store. KiSoft Sandbox is a great help serving as a test and emulation environment, while with KiSoft Pickup and Delivery you benefit from integrated transport management with shipment tracking all the way to the recipient.

Validated by independent institutions

KiSoft is regularly validated by the famous Fraunhofer Institute IML (DIN EN ISO 9001-certified). On their online portal for logistics IT, KiSoft is listed as one of the most comprehensive suites of logistics software. Likewise, KiSoft has been strongly rated by the ARC Advisory Group in international studies as a highly suitable solution for WMS and WAC (warehouse automation and control) for many years and has been named industry leader in the healthcare sector.

ValidationWMS 2023 for Warehouse logistics

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