KNAPP SAP® EWM 24/7 Hotline now available for all SAP® EWM users

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KNAPP IT Solutions, the KNAPP groups’ competence centre for SAP® solutions, with its 100 SAP® EWM experts not only is a leading international implementation partner of SAP but also from now on offers a 24/7 SAP® EWM Hotline for SAP® EWM installations that have been implemented by third parties.

The KNAPP Hotline provides support to over 50 installation locations with SAP® EWM, most of which operate in the areas of retail, healthcare distribution and 24/7 production. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, many customers with system-relevant infrastructure experienced a sharp increase in order volume and extended working hours in March and April. KNAPP reacted promptly and expanded the Hotline for all affected EWM customers to 24/7 operation during these challenging times. Due to the positive feedback of its own customers, KNAPP now offers its SAP® EWM Hotline also to those SAP® EWM users who implemented SAP® EWM either themselves or together with other SAP partners.

Service times, response times and target resolution times are defined together with the KNAPP Hotline customers depending on the priority of the incidents. The aim is to resolve errors as quickly as possible before they have a business-critical impact. This is decisive for smooth operation in the warehouse especially when many employees are involved, for example in picking, or when entire processes are affected. Along with their software expertise, the SAP® EWM Hotline employees of KNAPP also have a special industry know-how – especially in the sectors Retail, Healthcare and Industry. Moreover, they have experience with automated warehouses using SAP® EWM MFS with both, KNAPP automation technology and different other manufacturers that have been integrated in EWM during KNAPP retrofit projects.

To provide companies that did not carry out the SAP® EWM implementation with KNAPP the possibility to use the KNAPP Hotline, an evaluation workshop is carried out with all prospective customers. Based on an analysis of the initial situation, a tailor-made support offer is elaborated. The needs of the customer are addressed – the range of services includes a “Full Service” SAP® EWM Hotline as well as hybrid models in which the Hotline team complements the existing service organization of the customer either for special periods (e.g. in off-peak times, during the night or on weekends) or for specific processes (e.g. MFS, warehouse automation). Takeover by the KNAPP Hotline is carried out based on a “Transition checklist”. In this way, the KNAPP Hotline team familiarises itself with the individual structure of the SAP® EWM and can help quickly when needed. On request, KNAPP also assumes problem management, support on demand (on-site or remote) or requests for change related to SAP® EWM.

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