Würth Automates Four Locations with KNAPP Technologies

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Würth entrusted the expansion of their headquarters in Germany and their largest international subsidiaries to KNAPP. As part of this endeavor, Würth France and Würth Italy are also introducing SAP® EWM by KNAPP. The deciding factor for these projects, as well as another project in Hungary, was the strategic key account management KNAPP established specially for Würth, which made it possible for both long-term partners to productively combine their know-how and synergies in the field of automation.


Together, Würth and KNAPP have already implemented 18 automation solutions in 11 countries that are continually renewed and expanded. The basis for their partnership is the strategic Key Account Management KNAPP established specially for Würth. Furthermore, their common interest in innovation leads to new, future-oriented solutions time and time again.

“Ours is not the classic customer-supplier relationship; instead we see each other as partners. Würth is one of our key accounts with whom we work together to develop new technologies and innovations that benefit both our companies.” Bernhard Rottenbücher, Executive Vice President, KNAPP AG, and Managing Director, KNAPP Systemintegration. The new projects in Germany, Italy, France and Hungary are also based on this shared automation strategy.

Long-term partnership lays the foundation for future-oriented solutions

Armin Breitner, Project Manager of Group Logistics for the projects in France and Italy, explains the focus of the new projects. “The expansion projects in our international subsidiaries have a strong focus on automation.” Daniel Lutz, Project Manager of Group Logistics for the project in Germany, adds: “The continual development of our automation logistics and the use of innovative technologies is especially important to us as we look to the future.”


Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG expands with robotics

The headquarters of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. in Künzelsau, Germany, is being expanded with a clear focus on robotics. The expansion to the existing KNAPP system will take place in two phases and will double the system’s performance. The first phase, which will add two Pick-it-Easy Robots, six Pick-it-Easy work stations and two shipping robots for palletizing cartons and containers, will make the European central warehouse for industrial customers one of the most advanced of its kind. The OSR Shuttle Evo central storage system will also be expanded and Fastbox, a rapid storage and buffer rack, completes the expansion. KNAPP’s software modules round out the automation concept and ensure that all the processes in the warehouse run smoothly. During the first phase of expansion, Würth will be able to process around 24,000 order lines from the OSR per day. In the second phase, additional Pick-it-Easy Robots and work stations will scale the order lines up to 50,000 per day.

One giant leap for automation at Würth Italy

In Egna, Italy, Würth is undertaking a large expansion project utilizing KNAPP technology. From there, the world market leader in the development and sales of mounting and fastening material will soon supply manufacturers all over northern Italy, all the way south towards Rome. Three palletizing robots, two Pick-it-Easy Robots and eight Pick-it-Easy work stations take the logistics center to the next level. KNAPP is planning the modification of the existing system in such a way that Würth can continue to deliver as usual during the entire course of the project. One of the main reasons Würth chose KNAPP was their oxygen-reduced OSR Shuttle Evo. This special adaptation means Würth can store almost their entire range of goods in the shuttle system, including highly flammable items. This also means major cost savings for Würth as otherwise a separate section with special fire protection measures would have been necessary. In Egna, Würth is also implementing SAP® EWM by KNAPP for the first time, replacing their current SAP WMS. The system is planned to go live in early 2024 and will enable Würth to process up to 27,000 order lines per day during peak times.

First KNAPP project for Würth France

In Erstein, France, KNAPP and Würth France are collaborating for the first time to expand their existing warehouse there. The OSR Shuttle Evo forms the heart of the solution here, too. It is connected to goods-to-person work stations from the Pick-it-Easy series, which complete the concept. KNAPP technology will also round out the goods-in and shipping areas and connect all the different warehouse areas. SAP® EWM will also be implemented here. Both projects in Italy and France are based on an SAP® EWM template. This main warehouse depicts all of Würth’s standard processes. KNAPP uses it to conceptualize location-specific characteristics and implement SAP® EWM at these locations. The warehouse in Erstein is planned to go live in 2024 and will process 50,000 order lines per day.