The new picking robot with artificial intelligence:
Pick-it-Easy Robot

Powerful reinforcement for your warehouse

The demands for quality, efficiency and performance on logistics processes are increasing. The item range is growing while cost pressure is intensifying. What’s more, space and qualified personnel are becoming increasingly scarce. This calls for reinforcement! With the industrial-grade Pick-it-Easy Robot, you have an intelligent, fully automatic picking solution on hand. Our powerful AI robot grips items reliably, regardless of their properties. The robotic solution is therefore ideal for automatic single-item picking. Various grippers as well as AI-based object recognition and grip point determination powered by Covariant enable the Pick-it-Easy Robot to handle a broad item range, for many applications in diverse sectors. By that, monotonous or strenuous work is carried out reliably around the clock. All other tasks are tackled together with the employees.


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Outdo your competition with Pick-it-Easy Robot

Pick-it-Easy Robot in action at Obeta

Obeta is a German electrical wholesaler with headquarters in Berlin and boasts 28,000 customers and 64 locations across Germany. With the help of the Pick-it-Easy Robot, they pick thousands of customer orders every day. The fully automatic picking robot grips items with ease and places them gently into the relevant target container. The results are remarkable:

picking precision
of all items can be picked

The AI-equipped robot from KNAPP plays an essential role in our warehouse operation. It surpasses the capacities of manual picking stations and runs fully automatically.

Michael Pultke from Obeta is enthused by KNAPP technology
Michael Pultke
Head of Logistics, Obeta

Advantages of Pick-it-Easy Robot

Intelligent solution
thanks to AI
⬥ Continuously learning system
⬥ Wide range of items can be handled
⬥ Gentle handling of valuable goods
⬥ Taking the strain off employees
picking system
⬥ Fully automatic order fulfillment
⬥ Optimal material flow control
⬥ Integration in existing systems possible
⬥ 24/7 high performance and quality
⬥ High system availability
⬥ Proven industrial solution
Pick-it-Easy Robot continuously learns while picking.

Robot for a broad item range

The Pick-it-Easy Robot reliably grips items of various sizes, weights and shapes, as well as items with different types of surface and packaging: from cubical, round and cylindrical items to bottles and polybags as well as items with transparent surfaces or reflective packaging. Depending on the order, items can be neatly or randomly arranged in the container. Thanks to its versatility, the Pick-it-Easy Robot can be used in a number of different industries, such as e-commerce, food retail, electronics, cosmetics, fashion and pharma.

AI makes robots capable of learning

Machine Learning enables the Pick-it-Easy Robot to learn continuously while picking. The robot uses cutting-edge software to localize the object’s position in the source container, determine the ideal gripping point and picking speed. Moreover, the Pick-it-Easy Robot can access collective intelligence made available by cloud robotics. Whenever one robot acquires new knowledge, it is made available to all other robot stations.

The Pick-it-Easy Robot can put down many different items in a neat pattern.

You want to know more about our robots?

What makes us the ideal robotics partner

We support you throughout the entire process, from the idea to the working robot solution:

1. Robot compatibility
Our software consultants assess if your articles are suited for robots
2. Concept and planning
Together with you we develop the optimum solution for your needs.
3. Implementation
A team of experienced ramp-up engineers installs the Pick-it-Easy Robot.
4. After Sales Support
Our partnership remains also after the implementation.

We use the Pick-it-Easy Robot to take repetitive tasks off our employees, allowing them to concentrate on more complex aspects of the distribution process.

Todd Kleinow trusts in robotics by KNAPP
Todd Kleinow
Vice President Strategic Distribution and Operations, McKesson

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