VOLA optimizes logistics with KNAPP

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The customer base of KNAPP AG continues to grow. With their new partner VOLA, the company now counts a globally renowned producer of taps as a client. In future, VOLA will rely on an automation solution by KNAPP to optimize their storage and distribution processes. The new system is scheduled to begin operation in August 2019.

The exclusive bathroom fittings manufactured by VOLA in their production facilities in Horsens, Denmark are distributed worldwide. In order to maintain their position on the market, the company made it their goal to optimize their internal processes. With the help of KNAPP’s automated storage system, the OSR Shuttle Evo, storage and distribution processes will be efficiently organized and improved in the future. A large portion of VOLA’s product range will be stored centrally in the OSR Shuttle Evo, comprising 2 rack line systems and 21 levels. Each level will have a shuttle to store and retrieve storage containers and supply them for picking.

Flexible solution with OSR Shuttle Evo, Streamline conveyor technology and autonomous robots

Streamline conveyor technology guarantees that goods are transported smoothly all through the warehouse. 16 autonomous mobile robots (AMR) will also transport the goods to the various work stations. Starting in late summer 2019, this innovative technology will play a central role in making the transport tasks within the warehouse as flexible and simple as possible.

Peder Nygaard, COO of VOLA, was brimming with confidence when he spoke about the cooperation with KNAPP, “We see this project as a means of taking a step closer to achieving our automation objectives and continually reducing the lead time and response time for customer queries.” KNAPP is also thrilled at the new cooperation and will provide VOLA with an efficient and durable solution that is simple to use and geared towards the future.

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