YLOG-Shuttle: the road to success has a 90 degree curve

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YLOG Industry Solutions is pleased with the new order from the automotive supplier MSG Mechatronic Systems. The existing YLOG-Shuttle system will be expanded for production supply.

Wanted: A flexible solution
MSG Mechatronic Systems GmbH, with headquarters in Wies, develops and produces high-quality mechatronic components for the automobile industry. The company employs about 160 people. Well-known automobile manufacturers already have years of business partnership with MSG.

When MSG moved to their new production location in Wies in 2010, they also decided to automate the production area. The focus was placed on flexibility and quality to allow MSG to meet growing demands and to integrate the new production areas. Production capacity and quality will be improved through the use of smart automation technology.

Reaching new heights with the YLOG-Shuttle
YLOG Industry Solutions optimally fulfills the demands with their YLOG-Shuttle system. The YLOG-Shuttle system, with 700 storage locations and 2 YLOG-Shuttles, currently supplies 12 work stations at MSG. With wheels that can swivel up to 90 degrees, the YLOG-Shuttle paves the way for new possibilities in terms of flexible storage and goods transport in areas in near production. At MSG, the YLOG-Shuttles store raw materials from the goods-in area, supply the work areas and present the materials to the employee at an ergonomic height. The YLOG-Shuttle system also provides flexible, interim storage for semi-finished and finished products.

System that grows
The YLOG-Shuttle system is modularly constructed and therefore scalable. The system adjusts not only to the spacial requirements, but also grows to meet each new demand. Due to the increasing order volume, MSG decided to expand its YLOG-Shuttle system and, at the same time, to upgrade to the newly-developed software, KiSoft YIS. In future, the additional lift, additional YLOG-Shuttles and 864 extra storage locations will guarantee the efficient supply of 24 work areas.

Wolfgang Skrabitz, Managing Director of YLOG Industry Solutions GmbH, is especially delighted about the new order from MSG, which will be realized in the first half of 2015: “We were able to convince the MSG company of the quality of our products as well as the KNAPP Group products, and we look forward to the continuation of our work together.”

About YLOG Industry Solutions:
The YLOG Industry Solutions GmbH, a subsidiary of the KNAPP AG, is the perfect partner for mid-sized companies operating in industry, distribution and production. The company, headquartered in Dobl, Austria, was newly founded in 2013 and is distinguished by its YLOG-Shuttle system, which is unique on the market because of its scalability and energy efficiency.

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