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A career path is a personal journey: it can be straight or have twists and turns. What counts is that you find your way and that you do so with passion. Maybe your personal career path will lead you to us. Here, some of our employees tell us how they came to KNAPP and how they knew they’d found their place.


Are you in the process of completing your education and are looking to embark on your career? Are you working in another field and are looking for new challenges in a different area? Can you picture a career in logistics, a sector with a bright future? Both curious entry-level young professionals and career-changers can enjoy a flying start with us. We know that fresh angles help to keep our view of things sharp.

I completed an internship in KNAPP’s Sales division as part of my degree in International Marketing & Sales Management and I knew straight away that KNAPP was the right place for me. I especially liked the fact that I was allowed to work on projects immediately and that my input was valued. Everyone did everything they could to support me. After I graduated, I began working here as a Sales Engineer and now work with international customers in the areas of retail and online retail. I truly love being part of my team. We all bring something different to the table and together form a force to be reckoned with. With all our skills pooled together, we can create the very best solutions for our customers and have plenty of fun in the process.

Sarah Ott

Sarah Ott

Sales Support | Business Unit General Retail | E-Commerce

At KNAPP since 2016


Have you already completed your education and have some initial professional experience under your belt? Are you looking to take on responsibility and develop both on a professional and personal level? Are you focussed, have good ideas and are looking for the freedom to turn them into a reality? We offer the perfect environment for motivated career-climbers to unfold their true potential and show us what they can do.

After completing my Higher Vocational Diploma at HTBLA Pinkafeld, I decided to work at KNAPP as a software installation technician because it is simply one of the most innovative companies in the logistics industry. For me it was the ideal springboard for my development within the company as being an installation technician gave me a sound understanding of both technologies and customers. This time also shaped me on a personal level, like learning how to keep my cool during even the most difficult of situations. Now I work in the Software Development division and am responsible for the continual enhancement of our logistics software KiSoft. What I like the most is the strong sense of cohesion – every one of us does all they can for others and for the success of a project. This is how we achieve what other companies believe is impossible.

Jakob Pötz

Jakob Pötz

Software Integration Engineer | Software Core Development

At KNAPP since 2005


Do you have experience in the logistics sector and now know it like the back of your hand? Are you on the lookout for a new challenge in a company whose products and services you can fully get behind? Are you searching for more than just a job – are you looking for a place where you can turn your visions into a reality? We give experienced co-creators the chance to truly make their mark and shape the logistics of the future.

We live in an extremely complex environment that pushes us to think over decisions every single day. Nonetheless, we have to keep our focus on customer satisfaction. Keeping a close eye on it across the entire KNAPP group is certainly a challenge and makes my job extremely exciting.

The variation offered by a job at KNAPP is also fantastic. Our projects call for us to work on diverse tasks and in broad fields of work. The different levels of communication, both internally and externally as well within the team you lead make the job incredibly dynamic. A boring and monotonous job is the worst thing I can imagine, and to tell you the truth, is something I have never experienced at KNAPP. That is what differentiates our sector from many others.

Besides variation, the constant pursuit of new, innovative input is another positive aspect of working for KNAPP. The company welcomes input from all levels. There is plenty of creative freedom for employees to prudently make use of. Such freedom often leads to employees taking important steps in their careers and fulfilling their true potential.

Oliver Lehner

Oliver Lehner

Director | Business Unit Integration Partner, Sales

At KNAPP since 2008

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