Efficient automation E-Grocer for online grocery retail tudespensa.com

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A new book, a beautiful evening gown or fresh bread, shopping is just a click away. Today’s consumers are moving to convenient shopping online round-the-clock at an ever-increasing rate. In line with this trend, online food retail has started booming. Tudespensa.com considered the high degree of expertise in high-performance single item picking and commissioned KNAPP to realize a future-oriented automation solution.

Just a click away
The e-commerce business has its own rules and poses challenges to the intralogistics systems for food retail such as minimum throughput times, flexible and efficient picking as well as detailed stock management for the entire range of articles. With the E-Grocer system, KNAPP has developed the ideal automation solution for these special demands in the digital food retail sector. As market leader in high-performance single item picking, KNAPP gives its customers a distinct competitive advantage.

High-performance food handling
The Spanish online food retailer Tudespensa.com recently realized an innovative KNAPP system solution, E-grocer. Two OSR Shuttle™ systems form the heart of the warehouse. KNAPP combines this high-performance storage and picking system with innovative work station technology: the Pick-it-Easy work stations. These stations ensure highly ergonomic picking based on the goods-to-person principle. One of the important success factors for the Spanish online food retailer is having articles picked directly into the assigned shopping bag. Handling the broad range of articles in several temperature areas was an additional challenge. The various article groups differ in terms of their storage period and type, requiring separate storage and picking.

In the Tudespensa.com distribution centre, fast-moving articles are first stored in a manual picking area when delivered and are then picked directly from the pallet to the shopping bag. This reduces time and effort for depalletizing and guarantees an efficient storage process. Medium and slow movers are stored in the OSR Shuttle™ and picked according to the goods-to-person principle at the 5 Pick-it-Easy work stations. Various control mechanisms support KNAPP’s zero defect warehouse philosophy at the Tudespensa.com warehouse. Completed order containers are temporarily stored in the dispatch buffer, the OSR Shuttle™. The automatic stacking process in dispatch ensures that deliveries are prepared based on their route departure times and the reverse truck loading concept.

Tudespensa.com processes about 1,000 orders a day through the distribution centre in Madrid. The customers of this online food retailer can choose from a range of more than 7,000 articles and 2,000 different brands. Customers enjoy the fastest-possible delivery for their orders – with next-day or same-day delivery.