Innovative Lego robots at the KNAPP RoboLeague 2019

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Over 50 Lego robots were created by students as part of the 3rd KNAPP RoboLeague competition in Dobl. The one-of-a-kind robotics competition for school pupils aims to prepare children and young people aged 10 and above for the digital future through fun and games.

The KNAPP RoboLeague contest is open to students in the upper and lower grade levels of new secondary schools, secondary academic schools and secondary vocational schools. This year a total of 47 teams took part in four different competitions with their eyes on a number of fantastic prizes. The teams of school pupils used Lego robots they had made themselves to solve tricky tasks, which they had previously prepared with their teachers at school. By the time the competition finally kicked off at KNAPP Industry Solutions in Dobl, their excitement was tangible. After plenty of trial and error and a good deal of teamwork, the winning teams were named. This year’s winners come from the schools BRG Kepler, PNMS Dobl, Peraugymnasium Villach, BG Köflach and HAK Weiz.

Playful first steps into the world of robotics

The robotics competition was founded in collaboration with the BRG Kepler school and serves as the perfect introduction for young people to other robotics competitions such as the RoboCup Junior and the RoboCup. KNAPP has been a dedicated partner of the competition since its founding. The robots are planned during school lessons and built using LEGO® Mindstorms NXT or EV3 basis set. The youngsters use a code-based programming language to program their robots. “Currently, there is a real shortage of study programmes and educational opportunities in robotics. On the other hand, robots, smartphones and digital assistants are already part of the everyday life of the next generation. That’s why we are convinced of the importance of promoting interest in robotics in schools and teaching robotics in a playful and engaging way. We must remember that the robotics experts of tomorrow are in school today,” explained Wolfgang Skrabitz, Managing Director at KNAPP Industry Solutions. Prior to the competition, KNAPP Industry Solutions invited teachers to a robotics training course so that they could then help their classes prepare for the competition.

May the best robotics team win!

After the successful competition, the pupils celebrated together with their teachers and parents in the company cafeteria in Dobl. The teams who didn’t make it to the podium this time will have another chance next year. The invitation to the RoboLeague 2020 competition will be sent out in the autumn to make sure that teachers and pupils have plenty of time to prepare. Training in robot programming will also be provided for teachers if necessary.  Interested in the RoboLeague 2020? Send us an email at!


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