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Well-maintained master data for efficient automation

Automation solutions only work with high-quality master data. Only with the right attributes, the technologies – such as robots – know how to process or handle items. This increases the efficiency and performance in an automated warehouse environment and reduces the error rate. What’s the magic formula? The more attributes you collect and the higher their quality, the better the automation solution will work.

Did you know..?

… that around 70 percent of the currently used attributes are inadequate? Only 30 percent of the master data in an automated warehouse have the required quality.

KiSoft Genomix: self-learning end-to-end system

With KiSoft Genomix, we offer a unique and completely new system that automatically records, maintains and distributes item attributes in an all-encompassing process. Our software solution decodes the DNA of items, from their weight, dimensions and packaging type to their contents, center of gravity, tilting behavior and much more. What’s more, KiSoft Genomix adapts to the degree of automation in the warehouse.

Did you know..?

… that numerous item attributes are needed for efficient automated warehouse logistics? Around 200 attributes are necessary to guarantee secure processes. This is only possible with comprehensive, automated master data management.

How SPAR benefits from KiSoft Genomix

SPAR, one of our customers active in the food retail sector already uses KiSoft Genomix and benefits from the added value added our system generates. SPAR has been on board as a pilot customer and has tested our software solution.

Before implementing KiSoft Genomix, recording our master data was quite laborious. We had to look at the item, measure its dimensions, enter all the data and check twice whether everything was correct. This procedure was not really efficient.

Now, we put the item on MultiScan and KiSoft Genomix takes care of the rest. We save approximately 90 % of the work that used to go into master data management.

Portrait von Patrick Hörmann, SPAR Logistikzentrum Ebergassing, Leiter LAgerwesen und Warenfluss
Patrick Hörmann
Warehousing and Goods Flow Manager at the SPAR Ebergassing.

Did you know..?

…that automation data determines the behavior of robots, for instance? When robots know all attributes across all hierarchies, they have an in-depth understanding of how to handle every item. The information helps the robot grab items correctly, reducing the risk of damage, the error rate and downtimes of robots.

KiSoft Genomix minimizes human errors

The goal of our long-standing partner SPAR Ebergassing was to exclude subjective assessments in master data recording, which can be quite problematic.

The classification of items starts with their delivery. When five employees look at the same item, everyone sees something different. They see the carton, the manufacturer and so on. KiSoft Genomix excludes this subjectivity.

Patrick Hörmann

Did you know..?

… that the quality of master data suffers when it’s recorded manually? Collecting data manually involves a lot of costs and effort. In addition, errors occur due to subjective judgments.

Automated all-encompassing process for optimal precision

KiSoft Genomix already comes in handy during the goods-in procedure. Our MultiScan fully automatically captures the dimensions, weight and volume of the items and integrates the digitized data into the system.

The correct item size, volume and weight are important for efficient warehouse management. The fully automatic KHT MultiScan is designed for this purpose and supports optimal logistics planning and management.
MultiScan captures the attributes of items within seconds.

We were impressed by the KiSoft Genomix app right from the beginning. It’s super intuitive. It takes no more than two to five minutes to learn how to use it.

Patrick Hörmann
knows the advantages of the app.
The figure shows a person operating a tablet. The screen displays the KiSoft Genomix app. A carton with items is in the background. Using the app, the employee records all relevant attributes of the item displayed in the background.
The KiSoft Genomix app allows easy and intuitive recoding of item attributes.

Our KiSoft Genomix app adds further attributes to the information and data. It intuitively guides the employee through a simple questionnaire, thereby recording all necessary parameters from the single piece to pack unit to logistical unit. KiSoft Genomix also registers the entire item hierarchy.

The image shows the ivii iriis vision system carrying out a comparison of the items arriving on the conveyor system.
The cutting-edge vision system ivii iriis carries out an additional quality check.

Cutting-edge vision system checks quality

Our ivii iriis is also an important part of the solution and carries out a quality check. It determines whether the attributes recorded in the system matches the actual data of the item. All data is made available digitally on a server for use in subsequent processes. This way, the data is available for all the calculations in an automated warehouse environment. Self-learning algorithms continuously improve the quality of the data.

Did you know..?

… that the characteristics of items often change while they are being transported? To detect these changes, an end-to-end system is needed that also records the deviations. This is the only way to ensure ideal item handling.

We have a very good partnership with KNAPP, the are very open-minded. Of course, this bond took time to form. We’ve been partners for five years now and our collaboration is better than ever before. We are very glad to have KNAPP as a partner, especially when it comes to innovations like these.

Patrick Hörmann

KiSoft Genomix’s scope of application

Our system can be used across sectors including retail and food retail and across all sales channels, such as omnichannel, e-commerce and store delivery. Furthermore, KiSoft Genomix is independent of the solutions provider and the implemented software. Another benefit is the availability of data across warehouses. The automation data managed by KiSoft Genomix can also be used for other distribution centers.

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