5 App features for more flexibility in uncertain times

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redPILOT Operational Excellence Software has released their latest add-on called teamAPP. This add-on offers logistics companies even more potential for optimizations as well as significant advantages for employees.

Today’s companies are currently facing the challenges of highly fluctuating demand, peaks in online trade and new business models. Today’s employees on the other hand are facing the challenges of home schooling, reduced opening hours and curfews. The demand for flexibility at work has never before been as great as it is right now.

Digitalization and artificial intelligence have been changing the way we work for some time. This change, however, is opening up new opportunities. Whoever is best able to combine new technologies and changed requirements with human skills so that businesses and employees both profit, will make the most of these opportunities.

Finding and keeping qualified employees

Since locations, salaries and technological standards are quite similar across the industry, employees can change from one logistics centre to another rather quickly. When qualified workers have a choice, they are sure to pick the employer offering the best conditions. They want to be integrated in the best possible way and, especially now, to have the chance to organize their work themselves to best apply their skills.

Winning with flexibility

How can a logistic centre offer the needed flexibility? The answer is the latest innovation of the Operational Excellence Software: the redPILOT teamAPP.

Logistics companies can take the lead with the following features:

  1. Flexible scheduling process: full integration of employees
    In the past, rigid shift models with 8-hour shifts were the norm, whereas today employees can organize their time flexibly (e.g. 8 hours on Mondays, 4 hours on Tuesdays, 6 hours Wednesdays). They simply need to enter the times they are available in teamAPP, which will then be taken into account. This increases their flexibility and sense of autonomy, which in turn leads to higher employee satisfaction.
  2. Online shift plan: available at all times
    Printing and hanging up shift plans is a thing of the past. The shift supervisor creates a plan in the redPILOT Operational Excellence PLANNER and publishes it with one click. The employees can then check their shift plans any time and from any location using teamAPP. What’s more, the app provides data security as every employee can only view their own shifts.
  3. Absence management: fast, easy, clear
    teamAPP can be used to request or enter holidays, sick leave and training courses. All the data is transmitted automatically to the system through the interface to the redPILOT application. This saves time during scheduling and provides a clear overview.
  4. Shift change assistant: online request and assignment
    The employees themselves can request a change of shifts online in teamAPP. All colleagues with the requested skills and available times will then receive a message. If someone accepts the shift change without compromising performance or causing any additional costs, the shift supervisor no longer needs to approve it.
  5. Automatic job rotation: conserve workers’ energy
    Strenuous and tiring work is assigned to workers alternately. This ensures that employees can keep fit for work.

Smart communication

teamAPP provides employees not only with more flexibility but also gives them a voice in planning. Moreover, the interface to the redPILOT PLANNER module enables the shift plans to be created and changed automatically. This saves a great deal of time and makes work easier for both employees and the warehouse manager. However, main advantage lies in the needs-based planning process which follows specific rules and transparently assigns workers based on their skills and availability, while optimizing costs.

Resilience measures

redPILOT offers other features that help to navigate through uncertain times in the best possible way and keep operations running. Sounds interesting? Find out more at www.redpilot.com/news.

3 minutes reading time
Stephan Spat
Product Manager, redPILOT
How can I optimize warehouse operations? Which influencing factors must be considered and how can employees be more involved in the organization of work, saving costs while increasing their motivation? These and other issues on optimizing operations are brought to you by Stephan in our blog.


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