Two KNAPP Innovations Scoop “Product of the Year 2023” Award

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The readers of logistics magazine “materialfluss” have chosen KNAPP innovations as “Product of the Year 2023” in two (out of five) categories. Open Shuttle Fork – KNAPP’s automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) for internal pallet transport – wins first place in the category “AGV and Robotics”. In the “Software” category, KiSoft Genomix – KNAPP’s self-learning software solution used to collect the master data needed for automated storage – comes out on top. 

Two KNAPP technologies were awarded “Product of the Year 2023” in this year’s vote by readers of the materialfluss logistics magazine. With Open Shuttle Fork, an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) for transporting pallets around the warehouse wins the first place. Also top of the podium is KNAPP’s KiSoft Genomix software solution in the category “Software”. This new, end-to-end solution improves the performance of automated systems by supplying the highest quality master data.

“These awards shows us that people recognize our efforts and the comprehensive expertise we pour into product development. Our Open Shuttle Fork robots and KiSoft Genomix software solution are true market innovations. There’s really nothing like them out there,” agree Christian Brauneis, Vice President of the Industry Business Unit, and Rudolf Hansl, Vice President of the Food Business Unit.

Transporting pallets the easy way

Open Shuttle Fork is an autonomous mobile robot that automatically transports pallets and special load carriers space-effectively. The robot features numerous functions, has many applications and turns on a dime. As the robot moves about, it safely avoids people and obstacles thanks to its 3D detection system. The industrial vehicle can rotate around its own axis, move sideways and has an electric lifter. With its intelligent software, Open Shuttle Fork can be integrated into the warehouse quickly and start transporting pallets without requiring any changes to the existing infrastructure. Additionally, travel paths, processes and layouts can be adapted very quickly. Open Shuttle Fork offers the perfect starting point for automation, with the added benefits of short delivery and installation times.

Software that decodes the DNA of items

KNAPP’s KiSoft Genomix software solution collects item master data for a high degree of data transparency. All properties that are important for the automated systems are automatically captured and digitized. The collected data includes information that is difficult for humans to acquire, but that is important for effective automated handling. Thanks to the software, this automation data is centrally available across the entire supply chain. The fact that the automation data is automatically collected in digital form and subjected to additional verification provides the highest quality. Self-learning algorithms additionally improve the data during the process. KiSoft Genomix registers all item hierarchies, from single piece to pack unit to logistical unit, making it universally applicable software, no matter the solution, warehouse or industry.


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