KNAPP at Logistics and Transport trade fair with free-moving shuttles

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On November 7–8, 2017, the logistics sector will occupy centre stage at the Logistics and Transport trade fair in Gothenburg. KNAPP AB, with headquarters in Astorp, will be represented by an innovation for the area of free-moving vehicles for pallets, the Open Shuttle Fork.

Bedingt durch Trends wie Industrie 4.0 und dem anhaltenden E-Commerce-Boom stehen Unternehmen vor einer großen Herausforderung: der Flexibilisierung der logistischen Prozesse. Trotzdem darf Flexibilität nicht zu Lasten von Leistung und Kosten gehen. Daher bietet KNAPP innovative Systemlösungen, die beide Anforderungen vereinen und die Basis für Erfolg und Investitionssicherheit schaffen.

On the back of trends such as Industry 4.0 and the on-going boom in e-commerce, companies now face a tremendous challenge: the task of making logistics processes more flexible. All the same, flexibility must not be achieved at the expense of performance and cost. This is why KNAPP offers innovative system solutions that cater to both requirements and that form the basis of success and investment security.

Smart shuttle solutions

At full capacity, with full flexibility and full dependability, KNAPP’s smart shuttles truly serve as the heart of the modern warehouse. Along with tailor-made software and ergonomic work stations, the KNAPP shuttle solutions integrate seamlessly into the overall system. “The core of our all-in shuttle philosophy is handling central processes in the warehouse with a single technology, thereby reducing complexity and raising efficiency,” explained Malin Schäfer, Managing Director, KNAPP AB, about the shuttle portfolio of the KNAPP group.

Open Shuttle Fork innovation

KNAPP’s latest product in the series of free-moving warehouse vehicles, the Open Shuttle Fork, revolutionizes the transport of pallets within the warehouse. Pallets, roll containers and small portable racks weighing up to 1,000 kg can be picked up directly off the floor. There’s no need for a conveyor system to supply load carriers. The Open Shuttle Fork takes on the tasks previously carried out by forklift trucks and pallet jacks, navigating through the warehouse entirely without aids and without posing any danger to personnel.

We believe the Open Shuttle Fork has the potential to optimize processes in goods-in and goods-out, as well as in supplying work stations. After goods arrive in the warehouse, for example, the pallets can be transported to the depalletizing stations completely autonomously. The transport of completely picked pallets to the dispatch area and to goods-out can also be completely automated using the Open Shuttle Fork,” added Malin Schäfer, on the advantages of the new system.


KNAPP offers automation solutions for distribution and production as well as smaller conveyor systems . Thanks to the production and product management of KNAPP AB in Sweden, KNAPP now has the chance to provide customers short delivery times and the support of a local service organization throughout Scandinavia. KNAPP has numerous references in all of the Scandinavian countries. The Scandinavian headquater is located in Åstorp. The group, with headquarters in Hart bei Graz, Austria, recorded a record turnover in 2016/2017 of 6.1 billion SEK (632 million EUR).