KNAPP robots in exhibition at Vienna Museum of Technology

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The exhibition “Work & Production. Thinking_Forward_” offers a glimpse of the sector of the future – logistics. KNAPP, an Austrian technology company headquartered in Hart bei Graz, is shaping the supply chain of the future and the working environment of employees in logistics and production with intelligent technologies. The exhibition starts on November 16, 2018, in the Vienna Museum of Technology.

KNAPP and the importance of logistics 

Logistics moves our world. Without logistics, production would stand still and supermarket shelves would be empty, as would pharmacy shelves. The goods we order online would never arrive. Without logistics, our lives today would be unimaginable.

“Work & Production. Thinking_Forward_” exhibition

The demands we have as human beings are getting higher and higher. We need intelligent technologies to ensure the logistics chain continues to work without friction and that all our consumer wishes come true. Intelligent technologies transform the classic supply chain, spanning from production, distribution centres and all the way to stores and homes, into an integrated, digitalized supply chain. The Austrian company KNAPP is providing the intelligent technologies required for a digitalized supply chain. The “Work & Production. Thinking_Forward” exhibition at the Vienna Museum of Technology will show just how these technologies impact our work and our lives on a daily basis.

On display in the exhibition

  • The Apostore pharmacy robot
  • The free-moving Open Shuttle robots

The Apostore pharmacy robot

In an intelligent pharmacy, the pharmacist doesn’t need to fetch the medicine – a robot in an intelligent pharmacy storage system does it for them. Advantage: The pharmacist can spend more time advising the customer on how best to finally get rid of their cold instead of searching for medicine. KNAPP’s intelligent pharmacy storage system, the Apostore, will offer visitors to the “Thinking_Forward_” exhibition plenty to see and try out.

The free-moving Open Shuttle robots

There is always lots to do in production facilities, where raw materials and tools need to be distributed. In KNAPP’s intelligent production, small robots take care of such tasks. Just like busy bees, the so-called Open Shuttles bring their human colleagues precisely what they need. The main advantage of the Open Shuttles is that they not only speak the languages of robots, they can also communicate with humans. As a result, in smart production, it’s completely normal for some “colleagues” to grab some gear oil or a software update in the morning instead of a cup of coffee. The Open Shuttles will also be on display at the “Thinking_Forward_” exhibition.