KNAPP Says YES to Diversity

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Social fairness is of great importance to KNAPP, which is why the Austrian technology company is embracing diversity. In June 2022, the company raised a rainbow flag in front of their headquarters as a way of showing respect and demonstrating an inclusive attitude towards people from all walks of life. This underlines the company’s positive corporate culture reflected in the company values reliability, courage, openness, appreciation and creativity.

KNAPP grew tremendously over the past year. With 62 national and international locations, the company now employs around 6,300 people. They all have diverse backgrounds, qualifications and points of view – and that’s a good thing. What brings them together is the passion they feel for their work. They know that providing first-class service within long-term partnerships makes KNAPP the strong partner behind the success of their customers. Plans for further growth are in the pipeline: “Last year, we announced that we were looking for 1,000 new employees worldwide, and now they have all been hired. But we haven’t completed our search for more employees just yet,” says KNAPP CFO Christian Grabner.

With 6,300 employees, the team is highly diverse

Every new team member at KNAPP brings a unique perspective to the table. The company established a cultural program in 2018, KNAPP ONE, which will be placing greater emphasis on the topic of diversity in the coming months. The initiative kicked off on June 20, 2022, with the raising of the rainbow flag in front of the headquarters in Hart bei Graz.

Rainbow flag as a symbol of diversity

The rainbow flag stands for acceptance and tolerance of life in all its forms and the opportunity to be and show others who we truly are. KNAPP endorses every form of diversity, whether it has to do with gender, sexual orientation, cultural background or family status. In May, the works council raised funds for a special cause: All employees got the chance to donate one symbolic euro for the purchase of a large rainbow flag. The extra proceeds raised were matched by the company and donated to Nachbar in Not (Neighbor in Need), an association of charitable organizations.

In hoisting the rainbow flag, KNAPP makes the statement that not only the KNAPP employees, but also the management support diversity. In the coming months, KNAPP will be raising awareness of the idea of diversity in all the international KNAPP locations, to further cultivate an open corporate culture.


KNAPP is an international technology company based in Styria, Austria. The company develops and manufactures intelligent warehouse systems. Their portfolio includes cutting-edge solutions in digitalization, software, automation and robotics. Their customers include food retailer SPAR, pharmaceutical wholesaler Herba Chemosan, fashion brand Hugo Boss, and e-commerce giant Zalando, just to name a few. For more information or to apply for a job online, visit, or follow KNAPP on Facebook or Instagram for a closer look into the world of KNAPP.

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