KNAPP to showcase its technologies for Logistics 4.0 at CeMAT

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Moving from the concept of the supply chain to the value chain, the goal of Logistics 4.0 is the flexible, error-free and intelligent warehouse. At CeMAT, taking place in Hannover from 31 May to 3 June, KNAPP will embrace the exhibition’s theme of ‘Smart Supply Chain Solutions’ by demonstrating how its latest innovations can boost logistics flexibility and quality, while providing the greatest possible investment security for clients.

KNAPP’s exhibit – on stand number F36 in hall 27 – will embody its mantra of ‘making complexity simple’. In response to the unstoppable advance of online sales channels and the growing challenges of omni-channel logistics – constantly changing order structures, small batch quantities, time and cost restraints due to just-in-time or next-day delivery, high levels of sequencing and the need for shop-friendly deliveries – KNAPP’s solutions have championed the goods-to-person principle. With Pick-it-Easy workstations served by shuttle storage systems, KNAPP solutions increase efficiency, reduce errors and free employees from less than ergonomic activities in its core business sectors of fashion and lifestyle, e-commerce, food and pharmaceuticals.

High performance for fashion and lifestyle brands
In the fashion and lifestyle sectors in particular, KNAPP focuses on co-operation with its German subsidiary, Dürkopp Fördertechnik. “Many well-known brands such as Hugo Boss, Olymp, Marks & Spencer and Clarks are perfecting their shop-friendly deliveries with help from KNAPP,” reports Heimo Robosch, Executive Vice President of KNAPP AG. “Here, bringing enormous throughput and strict sequences together is what counts. In addition, we’ve tailored our shuttle solutions to suit cartons. Combined with the Pocket Sorter solution developed by Dürkopp, throughputs of up to 7,500 items per hour are possible for each sorter module.”

Flexibility with Open Shuttles
As well as taking care of complex transport networks within the warehouse, KNAPP’s free-moving Open Shuttles can be combined with new picking procedures, intelligent image recognition technology, fast sorters and the latest robot technology. Operating according to the motto ‘the swarm is where the work is’, the Open Shuttles communicate with each other and autonomously distribute orders among themselves. The flexible, track-free installation saves space and simplifies integration into existing systems. In combination with KNAPP’s Streamline conveyor system, its Open Shuttle technology offers the ideal balance between flexibility and performance.

The Würth Group already relies on KNAPP’s versatile Open Shuttles at two locations in Germany. At Würth Industry Service in Bad Mergentheim, Open Shuttles transport goods from the goods-in area to an infeed point of the conveyor system, whereas at Adolf Würth in Künzelsau, Open Shuttles are used to supply special check stations. At the Austrian food retailer, SPAR, pallet versions of the Open Shuttle vehicles supply loads from the high-bay store to goods-to-person pallet workstations.

Quality in the Zero Defect Warehouse
To achieve process and service quality in its objective of the zero defect warehouse, KNAPP relies on its KiSoft Vision image recognition technology to achieve 100% accuracy. Comprehensive monitoring of its central belt autopickers using image recognition systems enables orders to be picked without errors. A further step is the implementation of service assistance systems through which production and service employees will be able to communicate with machines and IT systems in the future as naturally as in a social network. Tablets, smartphones or smart glasses are being adapted to provide support through visualized data.

Innovation is a tradition at KNAPP
Each year, KNAPP AG invests around 30 million euros in research and development and thereby in its long-term success. With an instinct for trends and new market requirements combined with innovative solutions, KNAPP has already put its stamp on the intralogistics sector. An important step towards becoming a complete supplier was the group’s recent investment in the German group, KHT Apostore. Explains KNAPP CEO, Gerald Hofer, “With autopickers for pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers, KNAPP now offers a completely new solution for the whole healthcare industry, from pharmacies through to hospitals.”

About the KNAPP Group
The KNAPP Group – headquartered in Hart bei Graz, Austria – operates internationally in the field of warehouse automation and warehouse logistics software. A leading provider worldwide of all-in-one intralogistics solutions and automatic storage systems, KNAPP specializes in the core business sectors of Pharma, Fashion, Retail, Food Retail and Industry. With an export rate of 98 percent, KNAPP supports customers around the globe and, thanks to its network of 30 subsidiaries, can guarantee optimal customer care. In the fiscal year 2014-15, the company achieved a turnover of over 466 million Euros, the highest since its founding in 1952.