New apprentices begin training at KNAPP

News: Published on in Company, Technology

School begins for nine apprentices at KNAPP in Hart bei Graz, as well as for two apprentices at the Leoben location. About 50 apprentices continue training in mechatronics, metalworking with emphasis on mechanical engineering and information technology.

KNAPP is a state-accredited training company and has been training apprentices for over 20 years. The training team carefully selects the best candidates from among many applicants. “Before beginning the apprenticeship all our apprentices complete a trial week at the company with admission testing. Communication with the parents is also very important to us,” explained Jörg Salicites, head of the apprenticeship programme at KNAPP.

In addition to comprehensive and practical training, social competencies such as communica-tion and teamwork are also emphasized. The programme includes project work, which vividly demonstrates the theoretical content, English language training in cooperation with the Berlitz Institute, and preparation courses for the Higher Vocational Diploma. At the end of the appren-ticeship, the young people pick up experience while working abroad in installation work. Having completed the apprenticeship, many interesting opportunities for development are open in the company – two-thirds of the apprentices afterwards remain in the company, and are in demand as specialists, some in positions of leadership.

Young people can apply throughout the year for an apprenticeship at KNAPP. Training begins each year in September.