OSR Shuttle in Africa

News: Published on in Healthcare, Technology

Alpha Pharm, pharmaceutical wholesaler in South Africa and long-time customer, relies again on KNAPP. Since November 2011, a 3-aisle OSR Shuttle with a storage capacity of 17,850 storage locations has been in operation for picking slow-moving products. The organization of goods with the OSR Shuttle according to the goods-to-person principle optimises storage space, takes the load off the manual pick stations and decreases the error rate. Additionally, Alpha Pharm profits from the new shuttle system through a shortened transit time between order receipt and dispatch.

In 2011, KNAPP was also commissioned to supply another OSR Shuttle in South Africa. KNAPP has therefore succeeded in building up its market leadership on the world market for shuttle systems. More than 150 customers already use the OSR Shuttle technology for the execution of the many different types of processes in the warehouse.