Servimed Brazil installs KiSoft WMS

News: Published on in Healthcare, Technology

Servimed is one of the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in Brazil. The company has more than 3,000 employees. Its range of products includes more than 25,000 items. At the end of 2011 KiSoft WMS was put into operation at the Belo Horizonte location, which supplies about 2,000 shops.

The software controls all warehouse processes and is connected to the ERP system SAP. Picking is primarily performed using flow racks and simple, non-motorized conveyors. Quality assurance comprises an efficient 2-step 100 % check process. The first step is counting and repacking into dispatch packages with labels. In the second step any possible deviations between the requested products and the actual products are qualitatively checked. When necessary, corrections and further picking is carried out.