A Technology Partner with a Mind for Sustainability: Biogena Relies on KNAPP-Store

Press information: Published on in Healthcare, Technology

They save resources, plant trees and are now equipped with the KNAPP-Store: For health company Biogena, both innovation and sustainability play an important role in their corporate culture. So for their new venture, they wanted a technology partner whose values also reflected this. In KNAPP, Biogena found just the right partner.

Society is changing, with life expectancy increasing and a new awareness for health. Biogena, a family-owned company in Austria, produces and distributes premium micronutrients for people in every stage of life. Biogena not only strives to achieve exceptional quality, but also to run their business as sustainably as possible. „Our responsibility toward the environment is manifest in our sustainable, careful use of resources,“ explains Stefan Klinglmair, COO of Biogena, the mission of the company.

KNAPP-Store automation for efficient international sales

Today, the nutrient expert ships to over 50 countries around the globe, which has led to an enormous increase in the complexity of their logistics. With their new investment, the KNAPP-Store, Biogena is able to efficiently process orders on time for their customers outside of Austria. This is vitally important for the business as it works with different forwarders in each country, and handling the orders manually is just no longer feasible. The automated system prevents picking errors by ensuring that the right product is always provided in the right quality.

Biogena’s employees are also pleased with the innovation: The KNAPP-Store starts picking orders at four o’clock in the morning, so there is no longer stress meeting the morning deadlines for order fulfilment. Employees now have more time for goods-in and packaging.

Two Austrian family-owned companies as technology partners

Mr Klinglmair explains why Biogena opted for KNAPP to automate their logistics: “We decided on KNAPP because they are an Austrian family business. Of course, the technology also played a decisive role – we had the chance to see it in advance at reference customer sites.” Mr Klinglmair was also very happy about KNAPP’s unbureaucratic approach and that they could take the technology partner at their word. Biogena values personal contact with all their suppliers, not only with KNAPP, selecting their suppliers based on specific criteria and checking them through their own audits. Even though the selection process takes time, it means that Biogena and their partners share the same values.

For their international business, Biogena delivers large parcels to the stores directly, while leaving picking orders for private customers to be handled by the KNAPP-Store. These orders are then packed and sent out to the customer. Thanks to Biogena’s efforts in planning and structuring their business and KNAPP’s well-known service orientation, a high-tech system like the KNAPP-Store can accommodate Biogena’s requirements for speed and practicality. This is how technology partnerships can thrive and bear fruit.