Australian Retail Giant Super Retail Group Opts for KNAPP’s Automation Solution for Omnichannel Retail

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Austrian logistics tech company KNAPP receives an order from Australian Super Retail Group (SRG) who has commissioned KNAPP to build a new, automated warehouse including an integrated digital solution in Melbourne. The new facility will allow SRG to supply shops and to deliver online orders to customers for their four brands (Supercheap Auto, rebel, BCF and Macpac) from a single warehouse. For SRG, this project marks the dawn of a new era of logistics and will help the retailer to master supply chain challenges, such as a growing number of SKUs, as well as enhance customer experience online and in stores.

Automated omnichannel warehouse lays the foundation for future growth

Super Retail Group is one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest retailers and the proud owner of four iconic brands: Supercheap Auto, rebel, BCF and Macpac. Their powerful brands have leading positions in growing high involvement lifestyle categories of auto, sports, and outdoor leisure.  “At SRG, passion is our secret sauce,” says Patrick Fountain, General Manager for Supply Chain Strategy. “We are passionate about reliably delivering for our customers, either to their home, or through our stores. Another shared value across Super Retail Group is our belief that we are stronger together. That is why we work closely together across our brands and this is reflected in our supply chain solutions, which need to support all our brands under a single roof.”

Therefore, to accommodate SRG’s current and future needs – such as the ever-growing range of articles and order volumes – the new automation solution is tailored to the company’s requirements and objectives:

“We need our supply chain to be able to scale and to support our growth. Introducing automated technology into our supply chain gives Super Retail Group another string to its bow in terms of safe and efficient processing capacity to keep up with our customers’ demands,” continues Mr Fountain.

When it comes to successful omnichannel fulfilment processes, intelligent system design is key as Michael Kemeny, Managing Director of KNAPP Australia states: “The main goal in designing the system was to optimise product slotting and re-slotting between the automated and manual picking areas. The new distribution centre will make delivery processes easier, increase efficiency and quality, and offer improved service for customers.”

Automation helps support customer demand and increase efficiency

Increasing demand from customers for SRG’s products were key drivers for the retailer to invest in an automated solution. In the new warehouse, people and robotics work hand in hand, which creates multiple benefits, as Patrick Fountain highlights:

“We are confident that with KNAPP’s automation solution, we will be able to support our business growth, optimise our operations and enhance the safety of our people.”

And, as construction space is becoming increasingly scarce in Australia, especially in densely populated areas such as Melbourne, the SRG team was looking for a lean system design that makes the most of the available space. The automation solution by KNAPP met these requirements.

At the heart of the solution is the OSR Shuttle Evo, an automated storage and picking system featuring speedy storage robots. Across seven aisles and 90,000 storage locations, there is enough space for SRG’s wide and ever-growing range of goods. The system is designed with future growth in mind, allowing it to be extended by two additional aisles – without stopping SRG’s operation. Customer orders are processed at 14 ergonomically designed goods-to-person workstations from KNAPP’s Pick-it-Easy series, which offer functional and high-performance workplaces for employees. At these workstations, employees can each process four orders at the same time.

Intelligent KiSoft software ensures efficient omnichannel fulfilment

In logistics, automating omnichannel fulfilment is a major challenge because the different goods flows for end customers and stores must be coordinated. The highly specialised logistics software KiSoft by KNAPP serves as the nervous system of the automation solution. KiSoft has a plethora of functions, especially regarding warehouse management, and the fact that KNAPP could offer an all-in-one system including software was a determining factor in SRG’s decision.

“The software smarts will mean the solution remains productive as our SKU range and customer profiles evolve over time,” adds Patrick Fountain.

KNAPP making their mark in Australia for 10 years

KNAPP builds on strong partnerships with companies worldwide. The family-owned business with roots in Austria has been successfully active in Australia for ten years. “It is fantastic to see how KNAPP in Australia has evolved from a small office with five people to a company branch with a strong team of more than 50 people. Being a part of this journey is amazing,” says Michael Kemeny. Australian companies such as food retailer Woolworths or the health and beauty company Australian Pharmaceutical Industries (API) as well as international brands trust in the automation expertise of KNAPP. The new deal with Super Retail Group marks another milestone in the success story of KNAPP in Australia. “At SRG, we like to play the long game, and we know that is also important for KNAPP. Their on-going investment and confidence in both their technology and their people is why we are looking forward to partnering with them on this project and building a long-term relationship,” says Patrick Fountain.


About Super Retail Group

Super Retail Group Limited is one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest retailers and the proud owner of four iconic brands: Supercheap Auto, rebel, BCF and Macpac. Their powerful brands have leading positions in growing high involvement lifestyle categories of auto, sports and outdoor leisure.



KNAPP is a leading technology company offering efficient, safe and economical automation solutions for the entire value chain. Customers in healthcare, fashion, retail, food retail and industry rely on KNAPP solutions. Companies such as Würth, Zalando, Spar, Herba Chemosan or Knorr-Bremse trust in the partnership with KNAPP.