Katrina is a Translator in the Translations Department

You can find out what her job involves, what makes it so enjoyable and why she is so glad to work at KNAPP right here!

Katrina Gallacher, Translator
Katrina Gallacher

What are your
main responsibilities?

Over the course of a week, many words and phrases pass through my head and over my keys. I translate a variety of text types such as marketing materials, contracts, blogs for the website as well as operating instructions and subtitles for videos and scripts for audio recordings. Ongoing terminology work is an important part of my work and ensures standardized definitions of terms and the company-wide consistency of our texts. For me, translation is precision work.

What kind of education, experience or interests should you have for your job?

I think the most important thing is a love of language and an interest in foreign cultures. A degree in translation provides the professional foundation and sharpens the linguistic sensitivity for communication between languages and cultures. Of course, being a stickler for details and being fascinated by our company’s technical innovations are also important aspects.

Which three words would best describe your job?

In-depth. Broadening. Mediating.

What do you like most about your job?

That’s an easy question. I really enjoy the professional exchange, finding creative solutions and creating a work of literature using my skills. Our team is especially international and getting down to the nitty-gritty is particularly fun in our department, but I really value the appreciation that is shown and the fact that my colleagues take a true interest in other cultures. It’s a real privilege working in such a professional atmosphere.

Why do you enjoy working for KNAPP?

I get to work in an established translations department translating all sorts of different texts, thereby facilitating communication between all sorts of different groups of people. At KNAPP, we enjoy a wonderfully collegial and positive corporate culture offering a wealth of opportunities. Last but not least, there is always room for a laugh in this company.

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