EDEKA Nord upgrades NORDfrische Center with KNAPP technology

Press information: Published on in Food, Technology

The NORDfrische Center in Valluhn (Germany) is the meat production facility of EDEKA Handelsgesellschaft Nord GmbH. Around 1,500 different articles are produced at the centre, which delivers to just short of 700 EDEKA and Marktkauf stores in northern Germany. EDEKA chose to work with KNAPP on an expansion of the distribution area. The new logistics centre is due to start operation at the beginning of 2020.

The NORDfrische Center produces fresh meat products and sausages on a daily basis for delivery to EDEKA and Marktkauf stores. Production and distribution are currently housed in the same building. An extension to the existing building was necessary after the logistical capacity limits had been reached. For this reason, EDEKA decided in favour of separating production and logistics as part of the expansion. A new warehouse will be built next to the existing building by the start of 2020, which will house all of the logistics processes and provide space for efficient picking of fast-moving articles. The direct connection between the system and the production area guarantees smooth flows of goods.

Reliable solution with cutting-edge technologies

The new logistics centre provides double the storage space EDEKA has at its disposal to 8,000 m². The OSR Shuttle high-performance storage and picking system efficiently fulfils the orders. The space-saving system design allows a large number of articles to be stored in minimal space. The expansion will increase the storage capacity from 36,000 to 68,000 storage locations. In the future, the high-performance shuttle system will also supply 4 connected Pick-it-Easy work stations where orders will be picked according to the goods-to-person method. The work stations in the Pick-it-Easy series combine ergonomics, multifunctionality, efficiency, cost effectiveness and design. What’s more, the system also guarantees the constant supply of the area devoted to fast-moving articles. In the goods-out area, the completed orders are stacked automatically, eliminating this strenuous task for employees. Fully-automatic depalletizing will also be possible in the future in the goods-in area.

Ready to take on future challenges

KNAPP’s solution is characterized in particular by its expandability – all warehouse areas are designed in such a way that allows them to be adapted to different requirements in the future.  By using state-of-the-art technologies, the solution also guarantees high availability, performance and quality across all processes. “This investment is not just a response to the different way in which our customers are now ordering from our current range of 1,500 products, it is also the result of our desire to bolster our Valluhn logistics site. In 2020 at the latest, all of our customers will be supplied from the new warehouse,” affirmed the Managing Director of the meat production facility, Stephan Weber.

KNAPP in food logistics

KNAPP specializes in all-in-one solutions in food and empties logistics, implementing solutions in the highest quality to overcome the challenges particular to food retail. KNAPP also offers tailored system solutions for the fast-growing online food retail segment. Central technologies include not only the high-performance OSR Shuttle system with ergonomic Pick-it-Easy work stations, but also the free-moving Open Shuttles for pallets or the fully-automatic formation of pallets.