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In hospitals, numerous processes need to run like clockwork so that patients receive optimal care. Besides comprehensive counseling and care, providing patients with the correct meals and medication on time and making the right surgical instruments available are also very important. The processes running in the background to fulfill the various requirements have enormous potential for optimization. Intelligent logistics solutions for hospitals bridge the gap between the various disciplines and simultaneously generate added value for patients.

The KNAPP Hospital Campus revolutionizes hospital logistics

How is it possible to serve meals to 6,000 patients every day and provide surgical instruments to ten hospitals on time? Using a novel, revolutionary solution that automates hospital logistics: the KNAPP Hospital Campus.


This is what the KNAPP Hospital Campus is based on. By handling tertiary supply from a central location, the processes in hospitals are streamlined and simplified. Additional synergistic effects are achieved by using common resources such as a vehicle pool. What’s more, supply to hospitals is on time, flexible and as needed, which frees up space in the hospital. All the while the focus remains on the patients, their safety and their individual needs. Since the processes are managed from a central location, all process steps are transparent and traceable.

At the heart of the KNAPP Hospital Campus is a combination of automatic storage system with different temperature zones and fast buffer towers for sequencing. With the OSR Shuttle™ Evo serving as the central storage solution, all the goods are stored space-effectively in one location, allowing access at all times.

Johannes Kompek
Johannes Kompek
Senior Sales Engineer Healthcare Solutions KNAPP AG

The OSR Shuttle™ Evo supplies the following areas with the required goods and items:

  • a commercial kitchen
  • the sterilization area
  • working areas where medication is prepared
OSR Shuttle ProServ
The buffer towers included in the system create the correct sequence; for example, food trays are put in order according to patient room number.

How the KNAPP Hospital Campus works at ProServ:


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Running a hospital means having to focus on cost-effective services that meet the quality standards. Hospitals can only survive if the achieved quality standards are accompanied by optimal cost structures. This requires optimal processes, not only in the work with the patient, but in all the supply processes overall. The healthcare logistics center in collaboration with an outstanding logistics provider such as KNAPP and an expert in clinical structures and processes such as ProServ offers promising competitive prospects.

Hans Peglow
Hans J. Peglow
Initiator of ProServ and former managing director of a hospital

A robot running the hospital pharmacy

A high-tech order fulfillment system by Apostore at the hospital pharmacy of the University Hospital Graz (LKH Graz) in Austria, makes sure that all patients receive their medication on time. Gone are the days when employees had to run through aisles with lists of orders to fetch and prepare medicines for patients or prepare delivery orders.

Today, pharmacy logistics at the LKH Graz is completely automated thanks to the high-tech system, which forms the crucial link between material management and transport services.

The many advantages of the high-tech system include less walking for personnel, space-saving storage of the medicines as well as a better organization and overview, for example, through lot traceability.

Mag. Dr. Marianne Leitner, Krankenhausapotheke LKH Graz
Marianne Leitner
LKH Graz hospital pharmacy

Hospital logistics with highest availability and performance

Hospitals order medicine in large quantities by the pallet, with 60,000 medicine packages being stored in the Apostore system. The robot stores 1,500 medicine packages per hour, while simultaneously registering lot and date mark data. Up to 2,250 packages per hour can be requested and provided to the individual hospital wards of the 17 hospitals connected to the hospital pharmacy. What’s also great about the system is that it includes two picking robots. In case of a technical problem, the other robot keeps working, which guarantees maximum reliability and availability.

The storage and picking of about 90 percent of all the medication to be stored at room temperature is now handled fully automatically. This eases the strain on our employees and smooths out peak periods. Furthermore, the system provides precise inventory data to the day, and offers error-free stock and warehouse management.

Mag. Maria Lanz, Krankenhausapotheke LKH Graz
Maria Lanz
LKH Graz hospital pharmacy
2:30 minutes reading time
Article contains videos
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