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Decades of tradition link KNAPP to the pharma and healthcare sector and have shaped the industry with pioneering innovations. Trust forms the basis of a successful partnership: a global market share of over 70 percent demonstrates the trust that our customers place in us. The future holds both change and new challenges. We want to meet these challenges with you to ensure sustainable success for your business.

Here you’ll find a selection of our key ingredients for catering to current trends and demands.

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Horst Matzer

Horst Matzer

Director Healthcare Solutions

Zero defect warehouse: The key to success

The importance of article availability is nowadays beyond dispute. Service is therefore the focus of our attention: Punctuality, accuracy, traceability and costs are now the decisive factors for customer satisfaction and therefore, for success. Fulfilling these demands requires flexible, economical and error-free intralogistics. All the processes along the supply chain must be transparently fashioned and optimized. Starting with these current trends and demands, KNAPP developed its zero defect warehouse.

The zero defect warehouse links quality, process security and efficiency along the entire supply chain. How does it work? Continuous checks within the individual processes mean that these demands are no longer in conflict with each other.

Vision technology is used to make the zero defect philosophy a concrete reality. There’s a customized Vision solution for all the main processes in a warehouse, from goods-in to goods-out. The zero defect warehouse achieves Sigma level 6, which is considered error-free. Vision technology fulfils the legal requirements, for example, for lot and serial number tracking using 1D and 2D codes.

Unbeatable combination: OSR Shuttle™ and Pick-it-Easy Health

By combining the OSR Shuttle™ with Pick-it-Easy Health, KNAPP offers a powerful solution for efficient and error-free handling of a wide range of articles.

Goods are stored securely and space-effectively in the OSR Shuttle™ making it the perfect storage system for sensitive or expensive articles. With the OSR Shuttle™, every article in the system is accessible and available at all times.

The OSR Shuttle™ conveys the required containers to the Pick-it-Easy Health work stations. This evenly distributes the workload, even during peak periods. Picking is carried out according to the goods-to-person principle. The easyUse user interface and visual guides make sure that there is transparency, security and efficiency in every step of work. Integrating 100% checks and Vision technologies make the zero defect warehouse a reality.

With Pick-it-Easy, the person is the focus. The special KiDesign of the work station combines process security with efficiency and ergonomics. This translates into reduced strain on the employee, while safeguarding optimal performance and quality.

Software validation: Consultation and support in the validation process

Due to new legal frameworks, the validation of processes in all areas of the pharmaceutical supply chain is gaining importance.

Validation always refers to a specific intralogistics system as well as all its components and processes. This also includes processes carried out by the customer. The validation of the system must therefore be carried out by the customer. Since 1994, KNAPP has been supporting and assisting its customers in the validation of their systems.

KNAPP supports its customers throughout the entire implementation process in order to achieve best possible validation. Specific customer requirements are taken into account early on in the system design phase and in the definition of the processes. KNAPP also provides suitable test cases and supports the customer in carrying out the validation tests for the KNAPP system as well as making specific documents available.

Automatic picking with 100% check

KNAPP, leading supplier of central belt technology, has more than 25 years of experience in this area. With the Central Belt System, KNAPP offers a modern, comprehensive solution, including special software, for automatic picking in high-performance applications. A wide range of articles can be automated by using different types of autopickers such as the SDA.

Thanks to Vision Central Belt, an add-on from the Vision product line, a 100% check is even possible in automated picking areas. When the articles are transferred from the central belt conveyor to the load unit, Vision Central Belt registers the security and quality features on every single item (serial numbers, lot information, date of minimum durability, etc.). Vision Central Belt is ideally suited for retrofitting into existing systems. The Central Belt System is therefore a central element in KNAPP’s zero defect warehouse.

KiSoft: Crystal-clear supply chain

Control, check, optimize. KiSoft is the KNAPP group’s comprehensive software package that provides transparency along the entire supply chain. KiSoft covers all applications in the warehouse, from warehouse management to the control of automatic and semi-automatic processes including individual sensors. It’s also possible to integrate several locations and evaluate key process figures as well as visualize processes.

Furthermore, KiSoft can track lots with precision and can record security and quality features such as serial numbers. KiSoft therefore addresses current demands and supports the 100% check of articles. This makes KiSoft an important element in KNAPP’s zero defect warehouse and makes high quality and performance a reality along the entire supply chain.

KNAPP-Store: Solution for e-commerce and wholesale

The KNAPP-Store is the perfect complement to the proven autopicker portfolio and guarantees a decisive competitive advantage with low storage location costs, fast reaction times and high delivery quality.

The KNAPP-Store provides space-effective storage and efficiently picks a wide range of articles on a single item basis. Returns that were otherwise tiresome to store again for automatic picking, can be processed easily and securely thanks to the KNAPP-Store. Lot and serial numbers, along with date marks are automatically registered during the storage process. There are several different ways that a KNAPP-Store can be integrated. For example, it can be used as part of a Central Belt System or in the manual picking area.

Pick-it-Easy Robot: When workers reach their limits...

… the machine takes on the task. At KNAPP, automation does not mean pushing people out of the work processes. It’s much more important to automate where it makes sense and to arrange manual processes so that they’re efficient, ergonomic and accurate. In a modern warehouse, people and machines work hand in hand – manual and automatic processes work harmoniously with each other.

Robotic picking is highly suitable for areas demanding a consistently high performance and level of quality over a long period of time. Pick-it-Easy Robot has enabled KNAPP to reliably automate bin picking.

The primary application for Pick-it-Easy Robot is in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. The robot is tailor-made for the typical range of articles in this sector. The automatic picking solution includes an articulated arm robot with a flexible gripper, precise image recognition and processing, specialized control software and a comprehensive safety concept.

Pick-it-Easy Robot is ideal for the following areas of application:

  • Regions with high salaries and salary incidentals
  • Slow and medium moving articles
  • Sensitive, valuable or luxury articles
  • For reducing errors and costs
  • In shift operation
  • For work areas that require high quality and high throughput

Pack2Patient: New solution for direct shipping

With Pack2Patient, KNAPP offers a customized solution for automatic and secure assembly of patient-specific orders. Pack2Patient guarantees fast order processing with the highest possible quality and end-to-end traceability, as is required for the direct shipment of medicines (Direct2Patient). The innovative Vision technology is central to the Pack2Patient solution as it makes a zero error strategy possible as well as guaranteeing end-to-end monitoring of all process steps.

Four automatic steps to quality and performance

  • Automatic separation of pre-picked articles into patient orders
  • 100% check using innovative Vision technologies
  • Automatic labelling: the medicines receive individual patient information.
  • Automatic sorting and packing of the articles on ramps. Completed orders are automatically provided with relevant information.

Even in the warehouse, Pack2Patient generates added value for the patient. All medicines are delivered to the patient with relevant information, raising the quality of service.

Mail Order Central Fill (MOCF): Reliable automation

At the heart of KNAPP’s MOCF solution is the error-free, efficient and automated processing of patient-specific orders that are delivered to patients either by post (Mail Order) or via pharmacies (Central Fill). The medicines are picked as individual pills, in exact accordance with the individual prescription. The focus is therefore on process reliability and quality.

KNAPP’s MOCF solutions are sustainable, cost-effective and reliable process solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements in each case, allowing patients to profit directly. The picking process is secured against manipulation from outside – the entire process is protected from cross-contamination. With their high degree of automation, KNAPP’s MOCF solutions are ideally suited for high-performance applications in the pharmacy and healthcare sector. With its portfolio of MOCF solutions, KNAPP is optimizing safety for patients and security for processes along the entire supply chain.

KNAPP provides a comprehensive mix of technologies, specially tailored to meet the demands of Mail Order Central Fill applications, covering all the processes from goods-in to dispatch.

  • Conveyor systems: Conveyor systems provide a physical network for the flow of materials and convey load units into the individual warehouse areas. Plastic vials, into which the precise numbers of pills are dispensed, are conveyed on a puck conveyor system, held securely upright.
  • Autopickers and robotics: fast-moving, standard-packed medicines (unit of use) are picked using either an SDA autopicker or the Pick-it-Easy Robot.
  • Precise dispensing: the Automated Tablet Dispenser (ATD) and the KNAPP Medication Dispenser (KMed) precisely dispense slow to fast-moving medications into vials.
  • Labelling units: automatically apply patient-specific labels to the vials.
  • Image recognition system: descriptions and images of the medicines are digitalized and are available throughout the picking process for verification purposes.
  • Software: the KNAPP software KiSoft is an important element in every MOCF solution, covering all levels and processes including WMS, WCS and the machine control. KiSoft ensures warehouse operation is efficient and evenly distributes the work load. What’s more, KiSoft registers quantities of data which are then available for flexible reporting in a user-friendly format. Clear design and intuitively operated easyUse user interfaces on touch screens contribute to optimal process security.
  • Automatic packing: in special packing areas, the patient-specific orders are put together and packed, either automatically or semi-automatically.