What does the right software for your production logistics look like?

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The increasing complexities in production and in internal logistics are making it more challenging than ever for companies. An intelligent software solution is just the enabler needed for perfection in production supply. More and more companies are relying on a uniform SAP IT system in all areas of their businesses. Software expert KNAPP has been an SAP partner, offering solutions from two product lines, SAP® EWM by KNAPP and KiSoft. 

Software solutions for production supply

Manufacturing is on the verge of change. Mass customization and made-to-order are replacing classic serial production more and more. This means complex processes and structures. Production intralogistics are gaining ground and opening new potential for greater efficiency. In this area, competitive advantage can be gained using a software solution that covers all the processes optimally. This is often not the case with standard solutions. On the other hand, the best of breed approaches (where each process is supported by its own suitable software and integrated with the overall solution through interfaces) – because integration is difficult – often do not represent a truly optimal solution. SAP® offers the advantages of both approaches.  This is a standardized software with IT modules that can be individually and transparently adapted. For example, there is a production supply module in EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) that can manage the storage and material supply in connection with the manufacturing and process orders.


In our experience, about 70-80 percent of production companies are using SAP as an ERP system.

Christian Brauneis
Vice President BU Industry of KNAPP


Software expert KNAPP

The right solution for each and every area! From warehouse management to the control of optical sensors. Our intelligent software solutions provide a solution for every area. Depending on what’s needed, we cover the processes with our product lines KiSoft and SAP® EWM by KNAPP, thereby securing the performance, productivity and transparency of the entire supply chain. We have a goal: finding the optimal solution for each company. In the industrial sector, both software solutions are common and have been implemented many times over. As a general contractor, we implement over-all solutions as well as stand-alone solutions.


Regardless of the software structure and philosophy of the company, it is important to us to always find the best solution for the customer.

Christian Brauneis
Christian Brauneis
Vice President BU Industry of KNAPP


SAP partner since 2012

The SAP experts are in-house at subsidiary KNAPP IT Solutions. The SAP® EWM by KNAPP is the right solution for any company that wants to implement an SAP IT strategy and is looking for an outstanding logistics solution. Customers have the possibility to do programming and make adjustments themselves, providing a comprehensive SAP® solution for a lesser investment while having access to the expertise of the KNAPP group for the intralogistics. Since 80 percent of all warehouse processes in an industry are identical, proven solutions are preconfigured. The focus of a project then is to develop and implement the specific processes. This minimizes the implementation time as well as the project risk.

KNAPP has been an SAP® partner for 8 years. With more than 75 EWM and more than 2,000 WMS/WCS installations worldwide, the team is growing along with the projects. In the meanwhile, more than 100 SAP® EWM experts and a hotline providing 24/7 support are available.


With SAP® EWM by KNAPP, we offer our customers the best logistics solutions, fully integrated on an SAP IT platform. These solutions are based around our philosophy ‘making complexity simple’, our many years of experience in warehouse automation and the successful approach to project management we have developed.

Gerald Lassau, Geschäftsführer KNAPP IT Solutions
Gerald Lassau
Managing Director of KNAPP IT Solutions

SAP® EWM by KNAPP and KiSoft: two worlds of software, one goal

The goal is to find the perfect solution. But what are the differences between SAP® EWM by KNAPP and KiSoft, and how would you describe the system landscape?

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system forms the higher-level system, which can come from SAP but also from other providers. With the SAP® EWM by KNAPP solution, the ERP system is in direct contact with the machine control system through the EWM. With the KiSoft solution, the ERP system is connected through an interface to KiSoft, and KiSoft processes the information, which is transmitted to and from the machine control system.

What is the best solution for your company?

This is a question that has to be answered together. Here is a quick overview of the areas of application and the different advantages provided by each solution.


SAP® EWM by KNAPP is a solution for every degree of automation and transparent, efficient supply chain execution. The integrated modules, for example, can support supply and stock management in production supply areas, simulate workloads or generate the staff shift plan. A direct coupling to the control system is achieved with the integrated MFS (Material Flow System).

Scope of application

When it comes to warehouse and production supply solutions, along with SAP® EWM, WMS (Warehouse Management System) and WCS (Warehouse Control System) know-how are important. Thanks to many years of experience in intralogistics, we have the expertise needed to implement software solutions for new projects, warehouse expansions and retrofit projects as well. For retrofits, existing systems are replaced by SAP® EWM.

The benefit

For the supply chain in particular, using SAP® EWM and SAP TM (Transport Management) offers important advantages with respect to flexibility and future-proofing for customers having an SAP IT strategy. All the benefits of the SAP world, such as expert availability, in-house SAP consultants, the source code, etc., come together with KNAPP as solution partner for logistics systems and logistics processes. Furthermore, the subordinate control system can be directly integrated in SAP® EWM without further layers of software. Tried and tested KNAPP building blocks for SAP® EWM such as the easyUse user interface or MHE driver & algorithm provide further benefits for the user.

Best-Practice for SAP® EWM by KNAPP

ENGEL Austria GmbH

ENGEL Austria, the global market leader in injection molding machine manufacturing, installed an automated production logistics system with integrated SAP® EWM.

A central shuttle warehouse was built to store small parts but also to connect the spatially separated goods-in and picking areas. Additionally, ENGEL’s main requirement was to implement an integrated warehouse management and material flow system that would replace the control computer for the existing high-bay warehouse and seamlessly integrate the existing SAP® ERP features into the new software solution.

Watch the video here!

Whether SAP® EWM by KNAPP or KiSoft, real-time warehouse visualization is possible with both.


The comprehensive KiSoft features fulfill all requirements in terms of managing and controlling flows of goods and information for the entire life cycle of a system. This is a customized software solution from one supplier, covering processes at all levels, from WMS to WCS to machine control.

Scope of application

KiSoft’s scope of application is identical to that of SAP® EWM by KNAPP. The difference lies in the higher-level Host system. The Host system is not directly connected to the machine control system but connects instead through an interface with KiSoft.

The benefit

The software solution can be customized to the customer’s requirements independent of the Host system. This simple implementation and integration into various ERP systems, in combination with life-cycle support, offers the highest investment security. KiSoft is equipped with easyUse user interfaces at every level, providing modern human-machine communication.

More about KiSoft

Best-Practice for KiSoft

Terberg Benschop B.V.

Terberg Benschop, manufacturer of special vehicles used in ports, industry and road construction, installed an automatic small-parts warehouse that supplies work stations, Kanban racks and production lines.

To be able to more efficiently process a greater number of orders, the production warehouse, the line supply for vehicle assembly and the global spare parts warehouse were centralized in a new building. An OSR Shuttle™ was installed for the small parts and two Pick-it-Easy work stations were installed in the picking area. KiSoft with Webservices interface to Dynamics AX, the customer’s system, is responsible for warehouse management and control, including the machine control. The special feature of the solution is that it includes three different types of picking at the Pick-it-Easy work stations.

Watch the video here!

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