Fashion Online Giant ASOS Modernizes Warehouse with Intelligent Logistics Software

Online retailer ASOS knows what’s in fashion when it comes to clothing, shoes and accessories. For the trends in warehouse logistics and technologies, however, ASOS has KNAPP on their side, who has the experience it takes to understand the technological trends in warehousing. With an intelligent automation solution and the right fit in software, ASOS’ logistics center near Berlin, Eurohub 2, has the perfect technological outfit to perfectly plan for and manage their peaks.

KiSoft Analytics
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ASOS making a logistical statement with KiSoft Analytics

For efficient management and forward planning, data are the true trendy pieces in warehouse logistics. The intelligent software KiSoft Analytics fits ASOS like a glove, addressing all the unique needs of the online retailer’s business. “ASOS, like many other online retailers, is facing special challenges. They’ve got to handle tremendous volume from one warehouse location, their workload fluctuates quite a lot during the course of the year, external service providers have to be specially managed and when it comes to fashion, the collections are changing almost on a weekly basis,” explains Bernd Stöger Product Manager for KNAPP, about the special challenges online retail faces. When the last returns from a peak have all been processed, the next one is about to begin. To handle all this, KiSoft Analytics provides the type of data acquisition and analysis that forms an ideal base for decision-making.


For us, KiSoft Analytics is just the right tool. We can take an in-depth look at data in real time, which is optimally visualized for us. KiSoft Analytics helps us to make the right decisions quickly, based on a solid foundation of data.

Oliver Kraftsik
Vice President International Logistics,

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KiSoft Analytics turning heads at ASOS

As an analytical tool, KiSoft Analytics provides structure, perspective, orientation and full transparency for logistics data in online retail. KiSoft Analytics collects the complete information from all the logistical processes and presents this in an orderly, coherent manner on a dashboard – top-level data security included. The key figures can be generated at any time and accessed on a desktop or mobile app.

Tablet und Laptop, auf dem Daten zu Logistikprozessen angezeigt werden

For tactical decisions, KiSoft Analytics provides rapid support, revealing where the potential for optimization is.

Pick-it-Easy Evo für effiziente Kommissionierung

Over the long run, KiSoft Analytics is the help needed to act strategically, stay competitive and prepare for the future.

With KiSoft, ASOS has implemented a highly integrated software solution that unites the manual and automated areas and that allows them to flexibly adapt to requirements that change on a daily basis. To make the right strategic decisions and to ensure optimal operations on both the tactical and operational fronts, analytics, warehouse management (WMS) and, for the automation, warehouse control (WCS) for machine control are all perfectly attuned to each other.

Bernd Stöger
Product Manager KNAPP

For everyday business and special occasions

Originating in the US, Black Friday has been a permanent feature in European retail for a few years. Online retailers must equip themselves for the onslaught with suitable strategies. Thanks to KiSoft Analytics, ASOS was tremendously successful during the peaks. With the collected data, ASOS is now ready to roll when Black Friday hits. At the same time, these data create a foundation for preparing for the peaks to come.

If you’re serious about running your e-commerce business, you need data. KiSoft Analytics supplies us with all the important data at a glance. With a smart foundation of data, we can handle the demands on Black Friday, and any other challenges that e-commerce will bring in the future.

Oliver Kraftsik
Vice President International Logistics,

Enduring partnerships never go out of fashion

ASOS and KNAPP share a long-standing, successful partnership. The implementation of KiSoft Analytics was an additional feature that was integrated in the existing distribution center. ASOS has long relied on KNAPP technologies in its DC. From the original manual warehouse, a highly automated logistics warehouse has been developed with the addition of the flexible OSR Shuttle™ Evo and intelligent pocket sorter system. KNAPP solutions are like your favorite piece of clothing – versatile and individually combinable for any occasion. KiSoft Analytics is the ideal complement to ASOS’s combination of software and automation.


KNAPP impressed us as a strong and reliable partner from day one. We have grown side by side through the years and have developed our Eurohub 2 warehouse from a simple manual warehouse into a fully automated and future-oriented fulfillment center.

Oliver Kraftsik
Vice President International Logistics,


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