KiSoft Web Eye – The newest generation of service support

News: Published on in Technology

A picture is worth a thousand words: KiSoft Web Eye is the new audio-visual support system with a variety of uses in the warehouse. Live pictures and speech are transmitted between the user on site and KNAPP’s Customer Service. KiSoft Web Eye combines top-modern technologies with established service concepts to form an innovative solution.

This mobile system offers a wide array of applications, featuring very easy operation.  With KiSoft Web Eye, our customers are always well-equipped whether for resolution processes, maintenance and repairs, online hardware configurations, analyses of systems in real time or for training sessions. A see-through display with integrated camera directly connects the employee on site with the KNAPP expert, for much more efficient communication. Using this technology, the employee can move freely through the warehouse with both hands free.

KiSoft simplifies the often complex search for errors. The warehouse technician has direct access to KNAPP know-how, while the KNAPP team can see the situation “with their own eyes” and find the fastest solution. The advantage is right in hand: fast error resolution and shorter downtimes mean maximum savings.

KiSoft Web Eye offers even further advantages! Keyword e-Training: KiSoft Web Eye makes the easy and economical transfer of knowledge possible. The customer’s new employee can be guided step-by-step through the maintenance sequences or the KNAPP expert can provide training for an entire group of technicians via webinar. Information and training materials can be provided through the see-through display. The Web Eye user on site becomes the voice of technology at the customer.

KNAPP uses the KiSoft Web Eye in its own in-house OSR Shuttle™ Centre of Excellence to ensure the customer the best possible support during the assisted phase of projects. Along with numerous other KNAPP customer projects, the Austrian high-tech company AVL also relies on the innovative system and uses the KiSoft Web Eye to offer fast effective support to customers at home and abroad.