Open Shuttle Store: a Robotic Warehouse for Rapid Growth

When faced with unpredictable and strong growth, rethinking your internal logistics just makes good sense. These days, more companies than ever are turning to automation to move their goods and raw materials efficiently in and out of storage and to manage their growing order volumes. When selecting a storage system, certain aspects must be taken into account.

  1. Requirements for storage capacity and performance change frequently.
  2. The system must be able to make the most of the existing infrastructure.
  3. The automation solution must be rapidly implemented.

Our new robotic warehouse, the Open Shuttle Store, has the answer to these challenges. The system can be scaled up easily, rapidly implemented, and adapts ideally to your existing buildings and processes.

Easy, scalable robotic warehouse using AGV technology

The Open Shuttle Store features standardized construction and modular components and uses autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), which makes it highly adaptable. Adaptations are readily made to fit the available floorspace, the desired storage capacity and required performance. The modular system design also shortens its delivery and installation times.

The Open Shuttle Store comprises standard elements that can be rapidly adapted to your individual needs. These modules include AMRs, rack modules and transfer points, which we call the Store Bots, the Store Units and the Exchange Stations respectively.

Store Bot – the autonomous mobile robot

The Store Bot is an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that moves through the storage system and stores and retrieves containers. The Store Bot runs on a battery and charges itself during its downtime. The load-handling device on the Store Bot can handle two containers at a time. The integrated lifter on the Store Bot means it can reach all rack levels.

The Open Shuttle Store features autonomous mobile robots (AMR)

Store Unit – the rack module

The Store Unit is the rack module of the Open Shuttle Store. Store Units can be separately arranged next to each other or integrated into existing structures depending on the situation on site. Containers measuring 600 x 400 mm (24″ x 16″) and with a maximum weight of 35 kg (77 lb) are stored double-deep in the Store Units.

The Store Unit is the rack module of the Open Shuttle Store

Exchange Station

The transfer stations of the system are called Exchange Stations. These transfer stations are the interface to other warehouse areas. They are used as picking stations accepting containers, or they function as an interface to a conveyor system or to the AMR.

The Exchange Station is the transfer station to the Open Shuttle Store.

Are you looking for a scalable AMR warehouse without a long wait?

Intelligent fleet management software allows easy fleet control and quick changes

Our fleet control system KiSoft FCS and our KiSoft One logistics software let you control the Open Shuttle Store effortlessly. You can make changes to your processes and layout with just a few clicks. Have your requirements changed so that you now need more storage locations or more performance? Test your changes in advance using the KiSoft FCS digital twin. If the changes make sense, it’s a piece of cake to extend the Open Shuttle Store. You can add storage modules (Store Units) or robots (Store Bots). You can do this yourself. This way, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds: Innovative automation technology and complete flexibility.

The Open Shuttle Store can easily be controlled through KiSoft FCS
The integration of the fleet control system KiSoft FCS is rapid and simple. The software is intuitively operated.

3 good reasons to choose the Open Shuttle Store

The system design is brilliant because it allows the Open Shuttle Store to be scaled up with respect to storage locations or performance at any time.
The combination of innovative AGV technologies and modular system blocks means that the system can be customized and integrated into the existing building and expanded as needed.
Quickly available
The standardized storage system is rapidly configured, installed and put into operation. It keeps delivery times to a minimum.

The Open Shuttle Store is highly versatile

The robotic warehouse Open Shuttle Store can also be used as a buffer system, or as a goods-to-person system. The Exchange Stations connect the storage area with other work areas. From here, the AMR or a conveyor can transport the containers onwards.

As the system can be used flexibly, it’s also great for automating warehouse logistics where the system is small or has lower performance requirements.

Open Shuttle Store as buffer warehouse or goods-to-person picking system
The Open Shuttle Store is used both as buffer warehouse and as goods-to-person work station.

With the Open Shuttle Store we now have an innovative warehouse solution that is scalable, adaptable, and above all quickly available. Would you like to automate your warehouse in next to no time? In that case, the Open Shuttle Store is the perfect solution for you.

Le Product Manager des Open Shuttle chez KNAPP.
Gregor Schubert-Lebernegg
Open Shuttle Product Manager, KNAPP Industry Solutions

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