Outstanding, top of the line service

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The ÖVIA (Austrian technical/scientific association for maintenance and plant management) awarded KNAPP AG and JCL Fashion Logistics the 2013 prize for the most innovative services. The company’s customer service package “Life Cycle Management 360°+”convinced the jury. Every year under the auspices of the maintenance forum, the ÖVIA awards the Maintenance Award Austria, in cooperation with the publication, “Industriemagazin”. The innovation prize was initiated as a special prize to recognize special outstanding service providers in plant management.

KNAPP’s 360° service at JCL Fashion Logistics in Werndorf provides not only hotline services and maintenance, but also through the Resident Engineer service, provides all the on-site warehouse technicians. With a replacement depot, spare parts provision is secured for the customer. In the operational area, the customer is supported by the O&LS team (Operational and Logistics Support), and is in the position to operate the warehouse optimally, and to significantly raise the level of availability, performance and utilization in the warehouse.