Robots – New Intelligence for Logistics

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For a long time, robots in logistics were viewed as expensive playthings having special “prototype” status. There were not enough applicable areas and not enough SKUs suitable for the robot and, in general, it just did not work that reliably – at least this was the widely held belief. But this could not be further from the truth. Thanks to rapid technological advances, especially in artificial intelligence, robots today are incredibly useful in logistics processes and not only raise efficiency and quality, but employee satisfaction to boot.

Pick-it-Easy Robot (powered by Covariant AI)

The picking robot Pick-it-Easy Robot is being used worldwide in various sectors, for example, to pick medicines, foods and high-grade cosmetics, in tools and spare parts retail as well as in the fashion and retail industries. The Pick-it-Easy Robot can master a broad range of items thanks to its artificial intelligence, which was developed in collaboration with the Californian start-up Covariant. The software allows it to see and grasp almost like a human. Even items wrapped in film, glass bottles or floppy items such as socks can be reliably and gently handled. The intelligent and versatile Pick-it-Easy Robot works around the clock when needed, increasing performance and providing considerable relief to its human colleagues, for example, by working the night shift.

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OSR Shuttle Evo+

The combination of intelligent, autonomous mobile robots and the central storage system OSR Shuttle Evo gives rise to the OSR Shuttle Evo+ solution. The plus stands for the extra flexibility that this solution offers. With incredible flexibility, the autonomous, freely moving Open Shuttles link the different areas and processes in the warehouse with the central storage system. The Open Shuttles can work in goods-in, supply various decentralized and manual work stations, handle express or special transport jobs in dispatch, or supply materials to production machines; moreover, they also have applications in micro fulfillment.

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Our Robotic Universal Picker, RUNPICK for short, was specially developed for the food retail sector, taking delivery to stores to a whole new level. The robot processes and palletizes large handling units for brick and mortar food retail fully automatically. By automating full-case picking this way, store-friendly delivery is possible. RUNPICK handles both fresh and shelf-stable goods. The robot’s major advantage over existing systems is its substantially increased performance: The system handles a variety of packaging types and processes them using multiple-item picking. As an all-in-one solution, RUNPICK brings together higher throughput, shorter order transit times and adaptability.

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Intelligent software tools keep the system at its best

KiSoft Analytics is a valuable tool in the KNAPP software portfolio for keeping systems running reliably and in top form. The software application analyzes relevant system data and displays it in a dashboard with KPIs, facilitating the decision-making process whether for the short, medium or long term.

Another clever assistant is the redPILOT Operational Excellence Suite. This software keeps the logistics system running optimally at all times. With redPILOT on the team, shifts are easily and quickly planned, with the right person with the right qualifications always being on the right job. The CMMS tool (Computerized Maintenance Management System) by redPILOT uses system data to schedule maintenance tasks in a structured way. This saves costs, prevents unexpected failures and optimizes the efficiency and availability of the system. Additionally, reports are available at all times to provide a system overview.

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