Internal whistleblower system

In 2019, the European Parliament and the Council adopted the Whistleblower Directive “on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law”.

It serves to ensure a high level of protection for people who report breaches of the Union law.

Although at first it may seem rather dry, upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a good opportunity for employees and companies alike.

For employees, this system offers a platform for reporting both major and minor grievances. It is important to ensure that employees can file their reports anonymously within a protected framework and that there are no consequences for reporting for the employee.

For the company, it is a good opportunity to obtain information on problems that otherwise might remain in the dark. This results in the opportunity to focus on improvements, and to become a safer and more valuable workplace while strengthening the employees’ trust in the company.

Such systems provide the opportunity to anonymously report any kind of infringement of the law. This refers especially to infringements in the following areas:

  • Financial services, financial products and financial markets, and the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Product safety and product conformity
  • Road safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Radiological protection and nuclear safety
  • Food and feed safety, animal health and animal welfare
  • Public Health
  • Consumer protection
  • Right to privacy and protection of personal data, and security of networks and information systems

We have set up a whistleblower system for filing written reports anonymously (including the provision of data). A message can also be left in the system for the whistleblower.

Seven days after submitting your report at the latest, we will send you a confirmation of receipt.

When submitting your message via our online platform, you will receive a confirmation receipt number. With this number, you can access, correct and complement your submitted report at any time.

Three months after the submission of your report at the latest, we will inform you about the progress of the investigation (enquiries and assessment) and its result or inform you on the reasons why we will not pursue the subject any further.