Internal whistleblower system

The whistleblower system helps KNAPP become aware of specific possible grievances and to rectify them. For employees, this system offers a platform for reporting both major and minor grievances.

The system is designed specifically to provide a safe space for employees in which the issues are treated confidentially. The law prescribes that the agents responsible for processing the information treat it with confidentiality and secrecy, and that the whistleblower’s identity is protected.

What type of infringements can be reported?

Potential infringements can be reported under legal protection concerning the following areas, provided that the requirements are met:

  • Public procurement
  • Financial services, financial products and financial markets, and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Product safety and product compliance
  • Transport safety
  • Protection of the environment
  • Radiation protection and nuclear safety
  • Food and feed safety, animal health and animal welfare
  • Public health
  • Consumer protection
  • Protection of privacy and personal data, and security of network and information systems
  • Prevention and punishment of criminal offences according to §§ 302 to 309 of the Austrian Criminal Code (corruption).

Who is entitled to file a report and protected by law?

Whistleblowers who receive information about breaches in the context of their work. These are, among others, (former) employees, job applicants, volunteers, interns, self-employed persons, management and supervisory bodies as well as (sub)contractors and suppliers.

KNAPP has created the email address Additionally, whistleblowing is made possible through the following platform. Any whistleblowing is treated confidentially in accordance with statutory obligations. Whistleblowers also can and should upload any documents to serve as evidence of potential grievances. Whistleblowers must write down the 16-digit code they receive when submitting a report through the platform so they can be contacted if they haven’t provided any other point of contact.

Submitting a report does not entail any negative consequences, provided that there was sufficient reason to assume that the whistleblowing was truthful based on the actual circumstances and information available at the time of reporting. If whistleblowers meet these requirements, they are protected by law.

Seven days after submitting your report at the latest, we will send you a confirmation of receipt.

When submitting your report via our online platform, you will receive a confirmation receipt number. With this number, you can access, correct and add more information to your submitted report at any time.

Three months after the submission of your report at the latest, we will notify you about the progress of the investigation (inquiries and assessments) and its results or inform you about the reasons why we will not pursue the subject any further.