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Measurement data of goods at the touch of a button

Our Multiscan, with its cutting-edge metal frame and sophisticated glass plate, exudes timeless elegance. It is used in industrial, retail and logistics companies to provide different applications with important measurement data of goods at the touch of a button, making it an important tool for facing the challenges of the new digital logistics world. Its home is Gelsenkirchen in Germany, where KHT, a company in the KNAPP group, develops, manufactures and implements the versatile Multiscan. Christian Bauer, Managing Director of KHT introduces Multiscan.

Christian Bauer, Managing Director KHT-Apostore
Christian Bauer, Managing Director

What are the benefits of using Multiscan?

Our Multiscan can either be used in work stations or as a mobile device. It easily and precisely captures morphological data, such as the volume or weight of articles as well as quantities, stacking data, EAN barcodes and much more. This ensures faster work processes when capturing new articles, continuous checks for different packages or designs as well as precise calculation of the space required in the warehouse or for dispatching articles. The Multiscan has a user interface (GUI) where the user can easily open various functions. Master data is captured fully-automatically: the data is transmitted to a warehouse management system such as SAP, Manhattan, Sage or KiSoft. As a result, incorrect information in the master data is a thing of the past. Multiscan ensures efficient further processing of an article in the warehouse and creates the basis for a smart warehouse or a smart factory.


What are the scopes of application, particularly in retail, fashion and e-commerce?

Our Multiscan is equipped with accessory packages for different sector-specific requirements; the TEXpress module is especially practical for the fashion and retail sectors as it allows textiles to be compressed in order to determine the precise volumes. Camera systems for an optimum picture documentation, such as Pick-by-Pick applications, precisely capture textiles and retail articles. The master data is adapted to the storage and dispatch volume and is captured in one single step. In doing so, the Multiscan ensures complete transparency and supports a harmonious supply chain for multi-channel or omni-channel applications. Many companies in the fashion and retail sectors swear by our Multiscan.


By precisely capturing morphological data of an article, our Multiscan creates the basis for a smart warehouse or smart factory.

                                                Christian Bauer, Managing Director of KHT-Apostore


  • Location: Gelsenkirchen, Germany
  • Production: Measuring devices, industrial machines, hospital and pharmacy autopickers
  • Specialization: Innovative solutions for picking and handling technology for different sectors and applications
  • Employees: 15



  • Area of application: Precise, automatic capture of the morphological data of diverse articles and packages
  • Advantages: Accurate calculation of the space required in the warehouse and in the dispatch cartons, automatic transmission to the warehouse management system
  • Installations: Around 1,200 worldwide