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Perfect service for small food warehouses during ongoing operation

Our Multi-Site Control Center (MSCC) is an innovative service solution geared especially to food retailers having several small warehouses, or micro fulfillment centers (MFCs), at different locations. This is all about a proactive and preventative solution that checks and monitors all the logistical and technical processes. And it does this round the clock.

The MSCC is an innovative service that monitors MFCs during ongoing operation.
The MSCC is an innovative service that monitors MFCs during ongoing operation.

All-round service for food retailers.

Our MSCC team keeps an eye on all the warehouse locations. By identifying critical problems early on, rapid restoration of operations is guaranteed. In one overview, the MSCC displays all our systems, various customer systems and all logistical and technical processes. We check the software as well as the hardware of the system. This service is especially valuable for retailers who have no infrastructure of their own and who cannot provide support in their own control rooms.

An ideal early warning system

“The MSCC offers perfect service for daily operations for food retailers with MFC concepts. Our solution includes a special warning system. Our experts can therefore control all processes and detect and resolve problems early on.”

Nataly Wogatai
Director of Customer Service at KNAPP Systemintegration

Professional support from experts

Should a critical alarm occur in a customer’s system, the type of problem is immediately shown in the detail view. If the error cannot be handled through remote maintenance, the on-site technician is immediately assigned the task of correcting the error. He can also contact the MSCC experts in the control room through video conference.

Specially developed index numbers (KPIs) show the MSCC team the system’s status. Examples for KPIs are the number of customer orders, their transit times and picking performance. This constant monitoring means that incidents come to light before they affect on-going operation, and they can be corrected before any real damage is done.

Continuous, 24/7 live monitoring of MFCs
Early warning for critical problems
Technical instruction by teams of experts

Major customer advantages at a glance

  • Service available 24/7
  • Operating system is more stable
  • All logistical processes under control
  • Complete overview across all locations
  • Solution tracking for potential errors
  • Initiation of the process for restoring operations
  • Measures for continuously improving logistical processes
  • Daily reports on the food warehouse’s status
  • Fewer resources: fewer personnel with specific knowledge on site
  • Lower costs: Monitoring several locations with one team and system