Tailor-made success

The latest trends up close KNAPP is opening up new dimensions in intralogistics with process reliability that is soft on textiles. E-commerce, M-commerce, shop concept or omni-channel – the KNAPP’s tailor-made fashion solutions ensure that all the goods arrive in the right colour, the right size and the right quantity, all in tiptop condition and just in time at the right address. With a mix of efficiency, precision and economic efficiency, KNAPP’s fashion solutions ensure that every business model is well turned out. Looking for a new style to dress up your processes? Contact your KNAPP representative or These companies already rely on the KNAPP brand for fashion solutions.

Sigurd Völker

MANAGING DIRECTOR Dürkopp Fördertechnik GmbH

Johannes Holas

Vice President Fashion Solutions

People are the focus of all our actions – in order to successfully implement the fast movements on the market as well as in our technology and our solutions.

Johannes Holas
Vice President Fashion Solutions

dThe little black dress of intralogistics: The OSR Shuttle™

No other clothing item can boast the same fame around the world as the little black dress: as a timeless classic it is impeccably suited to every occasion. In the realm of folded garments, the classic system is the OSR Shuttle™. As an inventor of shuttle technology, KNAPP has many years of experience and expertise in tailoring the OSR Shuttle™ to all warehouse processes and requirements. The semi-automatic storage and picking system OSR Shuttle™ is both powerful and extremely flexible. The OSR Shuttle™ is at the heart of many solutions: as an all-in-shuttle the OSR Shuttle™ handles all the central warehouse processes. Among other things, this includes handling the processes goods-in, storage and picking, temporary storage to refill picking areas; dispatch sequencing and integrating returns. The modular structure of the OSR Shuttle™ leaves plenty of room for manoeuvre in the individual design of the warehouse processes. Like a custom-made suit that is tailored to fit, the OSR Shuttle™ with its modular construction can be scaled according to size, function and performance. Efficiency and economy are therefore guaranteed, despite increasing requirements and changes in the sector. Rounding out the overall OSR Shuttle™ package are the comprehensive safety and standard energy management concepts. Combined with the ergonomic Pick-it-Easy work stations the OSR Shuttle™ reaches its full potential. The Pick-it-Easy work stations combine efficiency, ergonomics and precision with cost-effectiveness. The OSR Shuttle™ supplies the Pick-it-Easy work stations with goods and guarantees an even workload distribution. In combination with the OSR Shuttle™, the Pick-it-Easy work stations fit perfectly into KNAPP’s low complexity warehouse philosophy.

A comfortable fit: Pick-it-Easy reduces the workload

The Pick-it-Easy work stations are the perfect fusion of ergonomics, multi-functionality, efficiency and design. In designing the work stations for the fashion sector, KNAPP gathered its sector expertise and experience and poured it all into a one-of-a-kind work station concept. All articles are presented according to the goods-to-person principle within easy reach. This reduces effort and strenuous tasks such as lifting, bending or reaching to a minimum. The special KiDesign of the Pick-it-Easy work stations allows the employee to concentrate on their work and reduces physical strain. The work stations form the main hub of various warehouse processes and process the entire range of articles in the most effective way possible. Thanks to the easyUse user interface, processing orders is easy and intuitive. The natural communication between man and machine forms the basis of accurate and efficient processes, increases quality and shortens training time for new personnel. KNAPP offers a series of work stations catering to the special requirements of the fashion industry such as Pick-it-Easy Shop, Pick-it-Easy Pocket & Pack, Pick-it-Easy Multi or Pick-it-Easy View. The product palette includes both smart all-rounders and more specialized work stations. Versatile Pick-it-Easy work stations support all business models and make it possible to process goods independently of the sales channel. Bringing hanging and flat-packed goods together or integrating value-added services such as gift wrapping, adding catalogues or making pre-packs can be easily integrated into the work processes at a Pick-it-Easy work station.

For individualists: Pick Rotor, Pocket Sorter, Pick-it-Easy

The Pick Rotor is a flexible overhead roll adapter system that transports hanging goods on permanently mounted individual adapters. Every roll adapter has an RFID transponder that tracks each individual item throughout the entire flow of goods. This means that every item in the system can be accessed at any time. Combined with the robust Sorter Pockets, the Pick Rotor guarantees precision when picking folded garments and can also create any desired sequence of the garments. Both hanging and folded garments can be combined and processed within the same system by using the roll adapter and the Pocket Sorter together. Multi-channel and omni-channel made easy. With special work stations Pick-it-Easy Pocket and Pick-it-Easy Pack processing is flexible and efficient for a broad range of items in B2C and B2B orders. At the loading station, goods are transferred into the Sorter Pockets. Downstream of the work station, the matrix sortation allows an individual sorting process. At the packing work station, the goods are packed according to orders. Picking single items means that order structure has no influence on order processing. One particularly innovative solution is the hybrid work station, Pick-it-Easy Multi. Here, flat-packed goods are transferred either to shipping cartons or into Sorter Pockets. Central processing at the Pick-it-Easy Multi station decouples picking from the sales channel. This opens up completely new opportunities for omni-channel retail.

Clever interweaving with matrix sortation

Matrix sortation provides a unique opportunity to take goods from various warehouse areas and put them in a precise, item-by-item sequence. During the multi-phase sortation, clothing articles are quickly and automatically moved into the desired sequence. As a result, the collection is sorted by theme, colour and size and arrives in store already sorted. Work is reduced at the point of sale, where goods are made ready for sale quickly and employees have more time to spend helping customers.

Vision Desk – the perfect accent piece

Vision Desk is a versatile work station for quality assurance and brings process security, efficiency and transparency to the warehouse from goods-in to goods-out. Vision Desk accurately reads article characteristics, quality features or serial numbers. Using the most modern image processing technology means that no barcodes are needed on the articles. Intuitive operation and process security take centre stage with Vision Desk, which uses visual guidance for the user. For sorting, checks or picking, Vision Desk projects various markings onto the articles, such as colour or numbers, so that correct placement is easy. This new approach, visualizing the work process using colours, not only reduces the error rate to practically zero, but also facilitates the flexible use of resources because staff can be trained very quickly. Vision Desk is therefore truly in sync with KNAPP’s zero defect philosophy.

Interlaced: Transparent software solutions

The comprehensive KiSoft logistics and SAP® EWM by KNAPP cover all processes within the warehouse and all levels of the system hierarchy. The software acts as the brain of the automation solution and ensures transparency as well as reduces costs incurred by errors, along the entire supply chain. With KNAPP’s intuitively operated software solutions, you have the entire collection at your fingertips – even on tablet or smart phone. The software solutions come in all sizes – from XS to XXL; KNAPP’s software is interwoven in all applications in the warehouse and controls, optimizes and monitors all warehouse processes. Extremely practical: historical and current data as well as dashboards can be downloaded in real time to a tablet or smart phone. You’ve got your warehouse right in your pocket. The software ensures that every article is in the right location in the warehouse and continually updates the storage locations. This guarantees fast reaction times and flexibility. User interfaces in easyUse design assist the user by pointing the way to the information that is needed at just the right time, for easy, intuitive operation. Less work at the point of sale: The principle of shop-friendly delivery reduces the work load in store and ensures that goods are ready for sale as quickly as possible: The software calculates the ideal sequence for loading transport vehicles based on the individual store layouts and other diverse quality criteria. From the warehouse to the closet, automagically: Traceability for goods along the entire supply chain is an important service in e-commerce. The KNAPP software provides seamless tracking of goods and highest possible quality assurance from the warehouse all the way to the customer.