The KNAPP Healthcare Model Company gets you quickly and efficiently to an SAP® EWM solution

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Have you decided on an SAP® IT strategy but are feeling less than enthusiastic about a long specifications phase? If so, you’re in the right place. With our Healthcare Model Company, we offer preconfigured, installation-ready and end-to-end software modules that broaden the SAP standard and are tailored to the special requirements of the healthcare sector.

Your benefit? Take advantage of our detailed process know-how, honed and perfected through long-term customer partnerships in the healthcare sector. This includes more than 700 installations across the globe, including large companies such as Alliance Healthcare, McKesson, ABCD, Pheonix, Noweda or Sanacorp as well as local healthcare specialists.


Healthcare Value Chain
Solutions for the entire Value Chain

With our Healthcare Model Company, we have a framework that already includes your processes. Working together, we find out what you need beyond the framework and then implement these requirements rapidly. Through this joint effort, your key users get their hands on the EWM system early on. This saves you time and costs, reducing the risk from the start.

Gerald Lassau, KIS
Gerald Lassau
Managing Director KNAPP IT Solutions GmbH

Project management according to the SAP® ACTIVATE principle

  • Discover: This phase lets you get acquainted with the SAP functions provided
  • Prepare: Based on our expertise and years of experience in the healthcare sector, we suggest reference processes. These include specific requirements from pre-wholesale, pharmaceutical wholesale and online pharmacies – whatever fits your business model.
  • Explore: Using a fit-gap analysis, we determine together which processes are missing and which modules can be rounded out
  • Realize: During this phase, we configure the software and implement developments. Using emulation and simulation models and working with our customers, we can test all the processes without a real warehouse. This minimizes the testing and ramp-up phases of the logistics system and keeps the project risk to a minimum
  • Deploy and run: During all of project management, you work closely together with our implementation team until everything is running like clockwork
  • 24/7 Hotline support: After startup, our Hotline provides you with support, 24/7 in ongoing operation

End-to-end SAP® solution

Profit from an end-to-end SAP® solution with direct integration of the subordinate systems and use of KNAPP building blocks – proven software modules in SAP technology.

KNAPP Healthcare Model Company Building Blocks

Opportunities and more for you in the KNAPP Healthcare Model Company in an SAP® EWM environment

  • Spot consulting and safeguarding: Through SAP® EWM spot consulting, we help you to optimize existing or ongoing EWM implementations . And even if you are implementing your solution with another EWM partner, we can still help you with safeguarding.
  • Automation and integration: We work with you in expansion projects for automation and integration in existing SAP® EWM solutions.
  • Retrofit: We offer retrofit projects when replacing non-SAP® WMS or WCS systems.
  • Greenfield: Start a new project with us using SAP® EWM including MFS.
  • Template and rollout: Working together with you, we create the template and help you roll it out internationally. Gain the profit from our extensive experience rolling out SAP EWM.

As our implementation partner, KNAPP has optimally mapped all processes according to our requirements including the sub-systems in use. The intensive support and sharing of knowledge ranging from the development phases through to the test phases and successful startup were crucial for us. 

Portrait von Lukas Röbl, Leitung Prozessmanagement und Projektleiter SAP® EWM Voigt
Lukas Röbl
Head of Process Management and Project Manager for SAP® EWM at Voigt
2:15 minutes reading time
Margit Wögerer
Healthcare Solutions
Margit handles a variety of topics in our blog to do with healthcare. Her stories and interviews provide an inspiring view into the world of intelligent logistics solutions for healthcare, covering everything from production to distribution to patients.


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About KNAPP IT Solutions

KNAPP IT Solutions GmbH has been the KNAPP group’s SAP® EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) expert since 2012. Over 100 SAP® EWM specialists provide all the services involved in conception, implementation, testing, installation and support (incl. a 24/7 Hotline) for SAP® EWM.

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