Fashion Logistics: Our Style Guide for Your Perfect Outfit

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Drawing on many years of experience in fashion retail, we have developed a portfolio of solutions that not only ensures one-of-a-kind quality, but also delivers innovation and excellent economic value. Our individually designed logistics systems are fitted to your requirements like a tailored custom suit. In contrast to a ready-made system, a custom system can be easily adapted and changed, and will still fit perfectly even as time passes. Thanks to our portfolio of technologies, this ensures long-term investment security, even in a world full of rapidly changing business models.

Shop the look: A selection of our tailor-made solutions

According to designer Carolina Herrera, “Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, but what makes it new is the way you put it together.” We think fashion is a combination of ideas. Instead of repeating ourselves, we come up with interesting, fresh combinations. As a supplier of all-in-one solutions, we put together the perfect ensemble for your textiles business, tailored to your individual needs.

Tailor-made solutions for the fashion supply chain – thanks to years of experience in logistics.

S: The little black dress of fashion logistics

A small, yet elegant solution – a true staple for every fashion retailer: Despite the comparatively low investment costs, the size S solution is truly impressive, not only thanks to its fully automated supply to the Pick-it-Easy work stations, but also it’s amazing talent for sorting – a simple, sure-fire workflow, from start to finish.

Grafik einer Logistiklösung in Größe S für Fashion Retail

Planning is the key to success. When it comes to warehouse automation projects, there is a whole slew of internal and external stakeholders and IT systems involved, including WMS developers, IT infrastructure technicians, engineers, WCS and conveyor suppliers, people in health and safety and those in operations, and last but not least the customer themselves. For a smooth installation and startup, all the tasks must be perfectly coordinated with each other.

Thomas Thans, Senior Logistics Engineer, XPO Logistics
Thomas Thans
Senior Logistics Engineer, XPO Logistics

M: The must-have that never goes out of style

With a mix of manual and automatic warehouse areas, size M provides enough flexibility to deal with a broad inventory range. It’s a timeless combination that is always one step ahead of every trend: Unlike size S, this solution includes a smart shuttle system, with dazzling efficiency and scalability. With value-added services, you can offer your customers customization – a true embellishment to every solution.

Grafik einer Logistiklösung in Größe M für Fashion Retail

Whether you need a designer suit or a pair of sneakers, the KNAPP solutions always fit. With our intelligent solutions, companies in the fashion industry manage current circumstances and simultaneously retain the flexibility required to meet future challenges. We want to truly understand our customers’ requirements and commit ourselves to this right from the start. It is important to us to establish close, long-term business relationships and enduring friendships.

Robert Cimmermann_BU Fashion
Robert Cimmermann
Head of Sales Fashion Solutions, KNAPP AG

L: Less is more

The slogan of this fashion solution is making complexity simple. The solution may look simple, but this high-power system is a force to be reckoned with. At the heart of the solution is the shuttle system paired with ergonomic Pick-it-Easy work stations. For Coco Chanel, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”. We couldn’t agree more: Simplicity is the key to system scalability. Future challenges can be easily met because we can expand your logistics solution elegantly, just as easily as expanding your wardrobe.

Grafik einer Logistiklösung in Größe L für Fashion Retail

Our customers benefit in two ways, one of which is faster delivery times. With the scalability of our systems and their high efficiency, we can ensure fast transit times even in extreme peak seasons such as the Christmas shopping season. The other is that efficient logistics, meaning cost-efficient logistics, give our customers a clear advantage in the market.

Andreas Krüger
Head of Logistics, BRUNO BADER GmbH + Co. KG
View of the OSR Shuttle™ automatic storage system at our customer BADER. BADER is optimizing its fashion logistics with automation technology.

XL: Your made-to-measure suit

The size XL solution combines the basics and key pieces of all the solutions. Just like a well-fitting, tailor-made suit, it suits your needs perfectly. The pocket sorter system in this highly dynamic solution makes sure that goods from all the preceding areas reach the work stations in the exact sequence required. What’s more, returns management in this XL solution is wonderfully flexible, making this made-to-measure solution your must-have for any occasion.

Grafik einer Logistiklösung in Größe XL für die Fashionbranche

Robust and flexible. In close collaboration, we put together the perfect outfit for you – the ideal logistics solution. Whether S or XL, the outfit must fit like a glove, and still be flexible enough to ensure that dynamic adaptation to the market doesn’t necessarily have to mean going one size larger.

Stephan Köberl_ BU Fashion
Stephan Köberl
Team Leader Systems Engineering Fashion Solutions, KNAPP AG
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