ASICS: Leading the race with innovative storage solutions

The right equipment is essential to quickly reaching a desired goal – both in running and in logistics. ASICS, a sports shoes and sportswear manufacturer founded in 1949, is gearing up for today’s challenges with the help of a tailored solution by KNAPP. ASICS needed a system which meets the requirements of day-to-day business and is able to increase its capacities during peak periods. With KNAPP’s smart combination of OSR Shuttle™ Evo and all-in-one KiSoft software solution ticking all the boxes, ASICS is given a head start.

10,000 stores in
20 European countries
up to 55,000 running shoes every day

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Moving into the future at full speed

From the French village Garons, ASICS distributes their products all around Europe. As a leading brand of sports shoes and sportswear, ASICS supplies 10,000 stores in 20 European countries. During peak periods, up to 55,000 running shoes leave the new distribution center in France every day.

ASICS’ mission: To provide the best sports equipment for a healthy lifestyle as quickly as possible. And this is where KNAPP’s logistics and software solutions come in: KNAPP supplied ASICS with an automated storage and picking system, the OSR Shuttle™ Evo, and five Pick-it-Easy work stations. Coupled with the intelligent KiSoft logistics software, all relevant information and performance data is available at a glance.

“The solution had to be compatible with our WMS. We also needed a strong partner who could manage the project and handle both the software and technical rollout,” explains Maider Thicoipe, Operational Support Manager at ASICS, with regard to the system requirements. The solution was implemented according to ASICS’ needs.


A win-win situation for both customers and employees

The new, tailor-made automation solution allows ASICS to quickly and efficiently process all warehouse and shipping processes. The solution also provides optimized working conditions for the company’s employees. As they no longer have to walk long distances and since all Pick-it-Easy work stations are ergonomically designed, efficiency could be boosted demonstrably.

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We were looking for a reliable automation solution that is easy to maintain, very stable, and flexible enough to support us as we grow. The KNAPP system ticks all the boxes.

Yann Bourgeon
Maintenance and Facility Manager ASICS

The result:
Impressive performance in logistics



performance increase per employee


fewer errors


faster order processing
for rush orders


system availability

In logistics, efficiency and customization go hand in hand


The OSR Shuttle™ Evo represents high productiveness, reliability and storage density. When needed, the four currently used rack line systems with 38,000 storage locations can be extended by another rack line system with 9,500 storage locations.

Logistik-Software für die einfache Steuerung des Lagers

At five Pick-it-Easy work stations, employees fulfill orders in optimal ergonomic conditions. This increases performance and reduces errors at the same time.

Pick-it-Easy Evo für effiziente Kommissionierung

The KiSoft software provides a transparent and clear visualization of the entire logistics system including the current workload and even the status of each shuttle or work station.

The Value-added service area, located next to the Pick-it-Easy work stations, is a special feature of the ASICS warehouse logistics. In this area, cartons for B2B customers receive individualized advertising material or specific documents.

We chose the OSR Shuttle™ Evo because it lets us complete our orders significantly faster and makes processing more flexible.

Olivier Dominguez
Plant Manager ASICS

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Assuming responsibility with sustainable innovations

The state-of-the-art solutions also meet the requirements for sustainable business operations and reduce the company’s ecological footprint. For instance, different carton sizes are used to optimize the fill level of each packing unit. This way, less air is transported in the packing units, which also reduces ASICS’ carbon footprint.

Are you ready to grow? For sure! Naturally, ASICS’ growth was taken into account during the implementation of the automated distribution center. For instance, the OSR ShuttleTM is able to increase its performance to 100,000 shipped items in peak periods and can be extended if required.

Knapp Asics Lagerlösung

Working with KNAPP means working with professionals. We were able to reach our goals faster than anticipated and have now even exceeded our performance goals. With the new solution, we can respond to market requirements much better.

Cyril Leblond
Logistics Manager ASICS


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