A distribution centre has to support all business processes in the best way possible. Software is what links the business processes to the warehouse technology. It’s the warehouse operating company’s tool for achieving consistently efficient and effective warehouse operation. Nine times out of ten, a made-to-order software system makes up a small proportion of the total investment for an automation solution; however, it makes up a much larger proportion of the success of a business. KNAPP covers all levels of software from warehouse management to individual optical sensors with its smart software solutions. As a result, it safeguards the productivity of the entire warehouse. The KiSoft and SAP® EWM product lines provide the best of both software worlds from a single provider.

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Design and implementation – bringing software to life

Software is invisible and anonymous in the warehouse. How can processes and functions within a complex warehouse be validated in terms of customer requirements? And before any components are even produced?

As early as the sales stage, KNAPP begins using the BPMN method for modelling business processes. Industry experts work together with the customer to develop an individual solution and bring the software to life. Simulation and emulation models simulate the virtual installation of the software to increase transparency and quality in project management as well as to shorten project lead times. The warehouse comes alive before installation work has even begun. This minimizes risks and makes project implementation considerably more efficient, all in line with KNAPP’s zero defect philosophy.

easyUse – modern man and machine communication

Ever increasing digitalization represents both an opportunity and a challenge. Tremendous amounts of data need to be processed and made available to the user at exactly the right time and in the best possible form to assist them with their work.

KNAPP meets these demands with easyUse, bring cutting-edge man and machine communication to all software levels within warehouse logistics. By consistently sticking to design principles, easyUse creates a unique user experience, presenting information in a user-friendly way on the most suitable terminal.

KNAPP easyUse


KiSoft is the KNAPP group’s own software product line. The extensive KiSoft series has been tried and tested countless times and combines a wealth of experience with innovation. KiSoft can be used to design made-to-order software solutions for all processes and across all levels, from a single supplier.
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SAP® EWM by KNAPP is the right solution for anyone wanting to implement an SAP® IT strategy and looking for an outstanding logistics solution.
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