Software is an invisible force. It connects processes, warehouse technology and persons and brings the warehouse to life. Software is a tool that ensures optimized, individual and transparent processes both in the warehouse and along the entire value chain.

With smart software solutions, we cover all software levels, from warehouse management to controlling individual optical sensors, thereby guaranteeing performance, productivity and transparency along the entire supply chain. Our product line KiSoft and SAP® EWM by KNAPP are products that offer our customers the best of both software worlds.

Decades of experience in automation and a wealth of process and industry expertise have all flowed into the development of the software portfolio and form the foundation of your customized software solution. We also keep an eye on current market demands and future trends  and keep pace with the times: Topics such as artificial intelligence are central to fulfilling the demands of our customers in the best possible way. Find out more about the latest trends and innovative technologies in our blog.

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Bringing software to life – standards with room for customization or the perfect solution


Listen and visualize

The concepts of logistics processes and procedures are especially vague in the initial phase of a project. That’s why we take the time to get to know our customer and their business in depth. We create a tailor-made system solution that provides the customer with the ideal support for their business, while also leaving them with room for individuality and future growth. We accompany our customers on the journey from the initial designs to the finished concept that forms the foundation of the real solution – and this has visible results.

Design and implementation

The KNAPP method for analysing and modelling business processes allows our experts to shape the essential framework for your individual solution and make the necessary software configuration transparent and easily grasped. This approach minimizes the risks and therefore the costs over the course of the entire project.

Virtual startup

We use simulation and emulation models to immerse ourselves in virtual software worlds and build 2D or 3D models with a detailed representation of the system. The warehouse comes alive before installation work has even begun, revealing the system’s capacity. This course of action considerably increases efficiency over the course of the project, in line with KNAPP’s zero defect philosophy.

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Mario Rauch, Head of Software Consulting, KNAPP AG

Understanding our customers is crucial. Only then can we develop the right solutions that meet expectations and help in refining the individual profile.

Mario Rauch, Head of Software Consulting, KNAPP AG

easyUse – modern man and machine communication


Ever increasing digitalization represents both an opportunity and a challenge. Tremendous amounts of data need to be processed and made available to the user at exactly the right time and in the best possible form to assist them with their work.

KNAPP meets these demands with easyUse, bringing cutting-edge man and machine communication to all software levels within warehouse logistics. By consistently sticking to design principles, easyUse creates a unique user experience, presenting information in a user-friendly way on the most suitable terminal.

The easyUse design is impressive in its consistent look and feel and in its ability to reduce information to the essentials within an intuitive operating concept. The user interfaces are clearly structured. The use of icons and colours facilitates intuitive interaction and fast navigation through the individual work steps.


KiSoft is the KNAPP group’s own software product line. The extensive KiSoft series has been tried and tested countless times and combines a wealth of experience with innovation.
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SAP® EWM by KNAPP is the right solution for anyone wanting to implement an SAP® IT strategy and looking for an outstanding logistics solution.
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